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Most Read: GearJunkie’s Top 5 Stories of 2017

top stories 2017
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From Outdoor Retailer shakeups to record-breaking performances and heart-breaking tragedy, you’ve helped highlight the biggest stories of 2017.

top stories 2017

The monumental (think Bears Ears) year that was 2017 featured events that changed the state of the outdoors world. We were there, every step of the way, reporting on the latest adventure and outdoor gear news.

According to page views, these articles stood out above the rest. Laugh, cry, and think deeply with us as we look back on 2017.

GearJunkie 2017: Most-Read Stories

5) In Protest, Patagonia Withdraws From ‘Outdoor Retailer’ Trade Show

winter outdoor retailer

We watched and reported as the standoff between the outdoor industry and Utah Governor Gary Herbert escalated at the outset of 2017. The public spat began after Gov. Herbert signed a resolution urging the Trump administration to rescind Bears Ears’ national monument status. In response, the Outdoor Industry Association denounced the move.

But hostilities quickly hit a fever pitch when Patagonia unilaterally pulled out of the massive Outdoor Retailer trade show – held twice annually in Salt Lake City for the past 20 years. Patagonia’s move set in motion a cascade of events leading to Outdoor Retailer’s split from Utah.

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4) Yvon Chouinard Just Mic-Dropped Congress

yvon chouinard

Patagonia’s founder stepped up big time to renounce Congress’ invitation to testify on behalf of Bears Ears National Monument. The request by the House Committee on Natural Resources came after President Trump announced the dismantling of both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments.

Chouinard and Patagonia have ardently defended both monuments throughout 2017, and Chouinard said as much in his curt response to Congress.

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3) Alpinist Hayden Kennedy Takes Own Life After Partner Dies In Avalanche

perkins kennedy

The month of October was a sad time for climbers and outdoors-people alike when news of Inge Perkins and Hayden Kennedy’s deaths surfaced.

An early-season backcountry skiing trip turned tragic when Perkins was swept away by an avalanche. Overwhelmed by the loss of his partner, Kennedy took his own life the next day.

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2) 238 Miles On Foot: Courtney Dauwalter Wins Moab Ultra

Courtney Dauwater Wins Moab 240

Courtney Dauwalter made history this June at the Moab 240, a 238-mile continuous race in southeastern Utah. She not only beat the entire competition, men and women, but the next-closest finisher was 10 hours behind.

Throughout the brutal course, she averaged 14.6-minute miles for 2 days, 9 hours,  and 59 minutes. Go Courtney!

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1) Cooler Wars: YETI Reaches Settlement With Rival RTIC

cooler yeti rtic

If it looks like a YETI, feels like a YETI, and cools like a YETI, it might be knocking off a YETI. That was the result of a high-profile lawsuit this year between YETI and RTIC coolers.

The two brands squared off in a pivotal showdown to determine how much is too much when it comes to product imitation. To avoid a judgment against it, RTIC settled with YETI for an undisclosed amount. In a telling conclusion to the matter, RTIC said it made the payment “for the purpose of avoiding the additional costs and uncertainty of continued litigation.”

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