Lead women near halfway point of Boston Marathon 2018 during an especially hard downpour; photo credit Gr5555 via Wikimedia Commons

Dinghy Rescue, Virtual Boston Marathon: Adventure News of the Week

From the inspiring to the tragic, ‘Adventure News of the Week’ presents a wrap-up of top news in the world of exploration and adventure.

EVEREST: Chinese Surveyors Reach the Summit. A team of eight surveyors reached the summit of Mount Everest last week. Their goal is to remeasure the summit height with sophisticated instruments.

RUN: Boston Marathon Goes Virtual. When organizers announced the Boston Marathon was canceled in April, it hit the running world hard. It marked the first time the event was not run “in real life” in 124 years.

But here’s the consolation prize: The 2020 Boston Marathon will be run — virtually. You can read exactly what that means here.

FISH: Anglers Break Records. Two anglers have incredible fish stories from last week. First, on his day off, guide Jeremiah Mefford landed a 143-pound paddlefish in Oklahoma. He shattered the state record and missed the world record by just one pound. His whole story details landing and certifying the prehistoric lunker.

Also last week, Pennsylvania angler Jonathan Pierce landed a 56.3-pound flathead catfish in the Schuylkill River. The new record spurred a listing of the biggest fish in Pennsylvania.

BAD IDEA: Teen Tries to Cross Cook Strait in a Dinghy. The 14 miles separating the north and south islands of New Zealand can be a treacherous stretch of sea. But that didn’t stop one audacious teen from setting sail across it in a little dinghy last week.

What ensued was a fairly major fail, with his engine cutting out and him eventually being rescued by the New Zealand Coastguard. But Tachyon Hutt, 18, was resolute in his attempt, saying, “I was on an adventure … I would do it again.” It’s quite a story. Read it all here.

Sean McCoy

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