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Donate to Ukraine Relief, Win a Hobie Kayak

You could help Ukraine and win a kayak in one fell swoop with a new fundraising initiative. Learn about Hobie and BRD Custom’s raffle for these unique kayaks.

Two major outdoor brands have joined forces for a new initiative to raise money to support Ukraine. They join the host of outdoor companies currently raising money for Ukraine relief efforts.

As the embattled European country continues to defend itself from the Russian invasion, Hobie and BRD Custom decided to drop Ukrainians a line.

Leaders at both companies have team members in Ukraine. That arrangement led to an “urgent desire to support the Ukrainian people in this humanitarian crisis,” they said in a news release. That led to their new campaign: United by Water Ukraine.

The initiative focuses on six different kayak designs the companies will sell in Europe and raffle off in the United States. To build the lineup, BRD Custom designed custom Ukraine-themed skins and wrapped them around Hobie Mirage Compass pedal kayaks.

The companies then looped in a nonprofit to help channel the proceeds to Ukrainian relief efforts.

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All Kayak Proceeds to Aid Ukraine

All proceeds from the sales and raffles will go to Revived Soldiers Ukraine. The nonprofit promotes awareness of human rights while delivering humanitarian aid to those in need. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the organization has helped provide ambulances, communication devices, first-aid kits, and much more to Ukrainians facing the crisis.

“Here at Hobie, we have always tried to find ways to use our brand’s power for good. Like the rest of the world, we are shocked and devastated by the recent months’ events in Ukraine,” said Kelley Woolsey, Hobie Vice President of Global Sales, Service, and Marketing.

“Today more than ever we are an interconnected global community, and we must find ways to help each other. That’s why we are doing our part at Hobie and launching this raffle with our authorized retailers to give 100% of proceeds to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine,” he continued.

How to Enter (and Win!)

ukraine flag hobie
A Hobie Mirage kayak with a blue and yellow pattern reflecting the Ukraine flag.

Hobie will sell the kayaks at its dealerships in Europe, most of which are located in the United Kingdom.

The Mirage Compass is Hobie’s utility-focused fishing boat design. Kick-up fins help users limit dredging or scraping in shallow water, and a tight turning radius aims to make it nimble. Various inclusions and accessories like pre-installed rod holders support fishing utility. MSRP is $2,599.

The BRD Custom SKINS on the Mirage Compass boats incorporate the colors of the Ukraine flag. They also include the names and logos of Revived Soldiers Ukraine and the United by Water Ukraine campaign.

If you’re in the U.S. and you’re interested in a kayak — or you just want to help — check out the raffle. It allows for the purchase of just one ticket for $10. If you want to go all-in, you can pick up as many as 15 tickets for $100 total.

Winners can pick up their boat from one of 29 U.S. dealerships of their choice. The online raffle runs now through September 5, 2022.

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