Immersive Karakorum Vid Will Transport You to the Trango Valley

Many YouTube vids will show you the majesty of the Karakorum through stellar photography. This video also shows the difficulty of getting there.

Who needs narration anymore, right? 

With this breathtaking video from R.J. McMurtry, it’s clear that the drone photography revolution isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

These sharp, crystal-clear images of Pakistan’s Karakorum range need no explanation. Backed by Hans Zimmer-esque choral music, the mountains speak for themselves. And unlike many similar videos, McMurtry shows the unforgiving environment that this area of Pakistan presents.

“Challenges include flooding, washed out roads, broken 4x4s, gastroenteritis, heat waves, ice storms, water purification, rock fall, collapsing seracs, freezing rain, high altitude, minimal communication, plus climbing and filming permits along with a vast array of other logistical issues,” McMurtry writes in the video description.

You’ll find the majority of those difficulties in the clip. Yet they all still pale in comparison to the beauty of the mountains. The shots of Trango Tower would make Ansel Adams jealous.

“There is nothing else on earth like this place, with endless forms of the most beautiful, massive, and intimidating spires, cliffs, glaciers, and seracs at every turn,” McMurtry writes.

Watching this vid, it feels impossible to disagree.

Runtime: 11 minutes

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