viper g2 recall
The Viper G2 .410 is available in synthetic, walnut, and camo finishes among others; (photo/TriStar Arms)

‘Unretained’ Shotgun Shells Could Detonate: TriStar Arms Viper G2 .410 Recall

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, TriStar Arms announced a safety recall of trigger housing assemblies for certain Viper G2 .410 shotguns. The company urges all owners of affected guns to stop using them immediately.

Serious personal injury and/or damage to the shotgun could result if owners operate certain TriStar Arms Viper G2 .410 shotguns, the company announced.

That’s because if a shooter prematurely releases a shotshell while loading or unloading, the unretained shell could potentially contact the bolt lock button inside the breech and detonate.

The recall only applies to the certain serial numbers of Viper G2 shotguns chambered in .410. TriStar Arms did not specify whether it had received any complaints over the guns, nor whether they had caused any injuries.

First, the company said owners and anyone else should stop using affected shotguns immediately. Next, Viper G2 .410 owners should find the serial number of their gun. Then, contact TriStar via phone (816-421-1400) or email ( to confirm whether the gun is recalled.

Use “Viper G2 Recall” in the subject line of emails. Alternatively, you can send a letter to TriStar Arms, 1816 Linn St., North Kansas City, MO 64116.

Viper G2 Recall Trigger Housing Assembly Replacement

Owners should remove the trigger housing assembly from their shotgun and mail it in with a provided shipping label. The company will send an upgraded assembly back to each owner, and the whole process will be free of charge, it said.

You can find instructions for Viper G2 trigger housing assembly removal in the owner’s manual or on YouTube.

TriStar said it will make “every effort” to return upgraded assemblies to customers as soon as possible. Additionally, it asks anyone who’s sold or transferred a Viper G2 .410 to send an email providing the name and contact information for the person or entity to whom they sold or transferred it.

As of this writing, it remained unclear how many guns the recall affects.

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