Vollebak tools the highly breathable Equator shirt to keep you cool; (photo/ Vollebak)

Vollebak Creates ‘Equator Shirts’: Lightweight Technical Shirts for a Warming Earth

Vollebak created its Equator Shirts for extreme environments and everyday use. The brand engineered them keep you cool — even when it’s ridiculously hot. 

As most of the United States remains locked in the midst of a summer heat wave, many folks may be sitting in front of a fan dreaming of cooler temps.

Unfortunately, extreme heat can stop us in our tracks and keep us from doing the activities we love. Vollebak is hoping to change that with its new Equator Shirts. 

Engineered according to two cooling methods, the shirts will include 10 concealed, laser-cut air vents. They’re also ultralight. Weighing only 167 g, the shirts tip the scales at less than a cup of sugar or a roll of dimes.  

Technical, Lightweight Wear

Equator Shirts

Vollebak crafts its lightweight design with “rare cotton” found only in the Nile Delta. Called Karnak Menoufi, it’s purported to be one of the lightest, softest fabrics on Earth. The cotton achieves a silk-like texture and can only grow when conditions are perfect. Rain, soil, wind, and the rest of Mother Nature’s elements have to align for this rare fiber to develop. 

Vollebak claims its Equator Shirt is the most “technical lightweight shirt ever built,” weighing half as much as its previous Planet Earth Shirt. Every detail of the design aims to keep you cool.

Equator Shirts
Perforated chest air vents are hidden inside chest pockets; (photo/Vollebak)

The stretch, strength, and UV protection the shirt offers could make it a game-changer for beating the heat. And the carved corozo nut buttons anchored by military tape both set off the style and promise natural fiber-based durability. 

Sizing ranges from XS to XXL. Two colors are available: light blue and “Temple of Doom” (pictured). That said, you’ll pay for it, commensurate with rare materials and engineered construction. Each Equator Shirt costs a whopping $275.

The button-up joins the existing Equator line of shorts, pants, and T-shirts to complete a Vollebak kit suited, sourced, and engineered for when the mercury rises. Check it all out at Vollebak’s website.


  • Material (made in Italy): 72% cotton, 24% polyamide, 4% elastane
  • Shirt weight: 167 g
  • 2-way stretch throughout the shirt
  • 10 concealed air vents
  • 8 air vents across the back reinforced with bartacks
  • 2 perforated chest air vents inside chest pockets
  • 2 zipped chest pockets with lockable zippers
  • Twin needle-stitched seams with two lines of stitching for strength
  • 6 shatterproof, heat-resistant buttons made from corozo nuts
  • All buttons are anchored on their own heavy-duty woven polyester military tape with reinforced stitching
  • Reinforced hanging loop at the back neck
  • Short, pre-rolled sleeves reinforced with bartacks

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