30 Young Adventure Leaders You Need To Know

11) Alfonso Orozco, Age 25 (Ambassador Latino Outdoors)

Alfonso is a graduate student at Teton Science Schools working toward a Masters of Science in Natural Science Education. As an ambassador, he connects Latino families to the beautiful area that is Grand Teton National Park.

alfonso orozco

Why you should know him: Orozco’s efforts increase appreciation and understanding of nature, breaking down barriers for more people to connect with the outdoors.

12) Brian Linton, Age 29 (Founder & CEO United By Blue)

Not yet 30, Brian established the rapidly growing outdoor lifestyle brand that is focused on ocean and waterway conservation, leading three brand stores and selling products to approximately 400 retailers.

brian linton

Why you should know him: When not in Philadelphia at his company’s headquarters, Linton is traveling the globe meeting with customers and suppliers, or attending one of United By Blue’s beach and waterway cleanups (currently 144 cleanups removing 265,000 pounds of trash and counting).

13) Brody Leven, Age 28 (Adventure Athlete)

Leven pedaled across the country, summited Denali, and continues to captivate nearly 50,000 Instagram followers with his nonstop trips around the globe.

brody leven

Why you should know him: Every year, Leven travels to Washington D.C. to speak on the issue of climate change. Through his highly publicized adventures (from National Geographic to CNN) Leven created a platform to raise awareness on the perils of a warming Earth.

14) Kyle Davidson, Age 28 (CEO, Sourced Adventures)

Kyle’s outdoor travel and adventure company connects city-dwellers in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. to the open spaces through off-the-beaten-path getaways.

kyle davidson

Why you should know him: At 28, Davidson has become a successful steward and advocate for the outdoors – beginning with his work for San Francisco-based Incredible Adventures, leading tours through Yosemite before heading up Living Social’s New York Adventures program. His business promotes experiences in the outdoors as easy, accessible, and important.

15) Michelle Piñon, Age 24 (Latino Outdoors)

Michelle helps Latino Outdoors create a national community of leaders in conservation and outdoor education, by connecting Latino families and youth with outdoor spaces.

Michelle Piñon

Why you should know her: In addition to her work with the Latino Outdoors, Piñon is also the Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator for Puget Soundkeeper, working to preserve the iconic waterway of the Pacific Northwest, and a Natural Leader, a collective of young individuals committed to inspiring connections between people and nature.

16) Andy Wyatt, Age 29 (Founder Seattle Bouldering Project & Austin Bouldering Project)

Andy’s is a professional recreationalist working to connect adults, youth, skilled climbers, and novices with bouldering and play.

andy wyatt

Why you should know him: Wyatt creates climbing gyms (two and counting) that bring together communities promoting activity, health, and socializing.

17) Alyssa Ravasio, Age 27 (Founder & CEO Hipcamp)

Alyssa heads up the web platform that connects people with public and private land for camping.

alyssa ravasio

Why you should know her: Ravasio’s mission is to get more people outside. With a degree in Digital Democracy, she blends the online and outdoor worlds to shape how the internet impacts our humanity and our planet.

18) Tom Wright, Age 29 (Director of Programming Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival)

An avid climber in British Columbia, Tom also holds a position with Howe Sound Sales & Marketing, representing premium outdoor brands in Western Canada when he’s not curating cinema for VIMFF.

tom wright

Why you should know him: Wright is a child of the outdoors and works to further VIMFF’s mission of presenting unique outdoor and mountaineering films that illustrate experiences and cultures from all corners of the globe, bringing communities together to promote positive values and active lifestyles.

19) Johnie Gall, Age 28 (Founder Dirtbag Darling)

Johnie is the intrepid behind one of the first blogs written for and inspired by the modern outdoorswoman. She is a full-time writer, photographer, editor, rock climber, van-lifer, and “perpetual beginner.”

johnnie gall

Why you should know her: Gall’s site tells the stories of adventurous women from all walks of life, with an aim to foster a community that supports the inclusion and advancement of women in the outdoor industry.

20) Bob Dalton, Age 27 (Founder & Director of Development Sackcloth & Ashes)

Bob runs a company that sells high-quality blankets worldwide and donates a blanket to a homeless shelter for every blanket sold.

bob dalton

Why you should know him: Dalton was inspired to help the homeless population when his mother, a hardworking single mother, found herself living on the streets in 2013. Since its inception, his company has provided over 4,500 blankets to homeless shelters.

Adam Ruggiero

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