Beginners’ Backpacking: Here’s How It Works

Colorado brand Kelty recruited four backpacking beginners to experience the wonders of the wild — and recorded the adventure.

If you’ve never been backpacking, it can seem daunting. (And at some points along the way, like learning how to poop in the woods, it probably is.) But it’s also some of the most fun you can have in the outdoors.

With the help of a veteran backpacker “guide,” four 19-year-old friends embarked on an epic first-timers’ outdoor adventure.

“Things don’t always go according to plan,” reads the film teaser.

If you have been backpacking, this video series is still a fun trip down memory lane. (Remember the first time you had to do a bear hang or tried to light a canister stove in the cold?)

‘Real Life’ Backpacking With Kelty: What You’ll Learn

Kelty’s eight-part video series is both a beginner’s guide to backpacking and a fun trip recap rolled into one. The videos cover topics like how to pack a pack, how to pitch a tent, and, most importantly, how to stay happy on the trail.

The first half of the series is available now, with the second half rolling out in the coming weeks. Check out the whole series here.

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