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Review: The Shower Pouch Is a Bigger, Better Body Wipe

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Don’t just spot clean the dirtiest bits. Get a head-to-toe scrub down with this pH-balanced, vegan, hypoallergenic body wipe.

If you spend much time in the backcountry, eventually you have to make personal hygiene a priority. For many years the baby wipe was the go-to for a quick cleanse. But the small size and mild soap solutions are no match for a dirty full-grown human.

In recent years, a handful of pre-moistened towelettes have entered the market, some aimed directly at active adventurers. But even those wipes are on the small side. The latest entry is the Shower Pouch. It costs $15 for three. At 12 x 24 inches, it is the largest of its kind.

As the name implies, it provides a full body wash. Not just a spot clean of your funky parts. Shower pouch

Shower Pouch: Wipe Yourself Clean

Shower Pouch is the creation of two outdoor enthusiasts with full-time careers in product development. Their R&D experience includes work with well-known brands in the personal hygiene and skincare industries.

The Shower Pouch is more than just a big wet-wipe. The recyclable polypropylene resin towel is tough enough to endure a heavy scrub. And the brand engineered the textured material to help lift dirt and grime while retaining the proper amount of pre-moistened soap solution.

As consumers become more aware of harmful ingredients, products like Shower Pouch have to go the extra mile to ensure they are safe and effective. The pH-balanced soap formula is blended with natural and organic ingredients like aloe and tea tree oil. By eliminating the use of bee wax, keratin, and lanolin, the Shower Pouch qualifies as vegan.

Shower pouch

Getting Dirty (Then Clean)

For the last several months I traveled the globe, getting filthy along the way. While riding a motorcycle on dirt roads in Patagonia and trekking the volcanoes of Guatemala, I managed to get properly grungy.

Unlike other wipes, which do little more than smear the dirt around, Shower Pouch provides a genuine feeling of cleanliness. It lifts grime and body oils from my skin without a sticky residue. The mild cucumber or bamboo fragrance dissipates quickly so I don’t smell like a fruit basket all day. An unscented third option is also available.

While these wipes do a tremendous job of cleaning, they’re overkill for most short trips. They are expensive compared to more generic wipes at three for $5 or 10 for $40 (or a box of baby wipes for a couple of bucks). But they’re worth it for long backpacking trips or adventure travel. If you’re just stinky after a quick run, there are more affordable alternatives.

Truth in advertising is often twisted to whim, but in this case, this latest riff on the baby wipe truly is a shower in a pouch.

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