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Meet Enwild, a Revamped Player in Online Outdoor Retail

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The digital retailer Backcountry Edge just rebranded as Enwild. Will the new name mean a larger footprint from this scrappy Pennsylvania retailer?

In the works for more than 2 years, outdoor gear and apparel e-commerce retailer Backcountry Edge just rebranded. Now under the moniker “Enwild,” the digital player will lean into a video presence that publishes 700 product review and informative how-to videos annually.


Since 2004, consumers have known the specialty online retailer as Backcountry Edge. Pivoting now as Enwild, the brand focuses on high-quality hiking, camping, backpacking, and trail-running equipment. It also sells clothing and accessories.

Founded in Manheim, Pennsylvania, the company offers products from more than 130 brands. More than 55,000 people subscribe to the company’s YouTube channel, with video view counts registering in the tens of millions.

In its rebranding “inspired by the soul-fortifying benefits gained from engaging with the outdoors,” the new name brings new branding, an updated web presence, and a new logo.

“The name Enwild was inspired by our own experiences hiking, backpacking and trail running,” says Steven “Leon” Lutz, director of branding and merchandising for Enwild. “Accomplishment, connectedness, enlightenment — these are just some of the reasons why we seek and benefit from outdoor experiences. For us, the word ‘Enwild’ encompasses all those feelings and speaks directly to why we’re so committed to helping everyone get outside.”

Enwild: Outdoor Retailer Expands How-Tos and Reviews

We know some of the Enwild team personally and can vouch for their serious outdoor chops. I’ve run the TransRockies Run with Lutz. We’ve spent several nights in tents chatting about gear. He also ran as my pacer during the brutal Leadville 100. He and his team know their stuff.

Now the company will double down on its commitment to provide helpful expert advice and product reviews. It bolstered its video production capabilities, including the construction of a new set. According to Lutz, the new set design allows for more dynamic and engaging storytelling across its website, YouTube, and other social channels. Video has been a pioneering hallmark for the retailer, and it has published nearly 3,700 product reviews and instructional how-to videos.

“Over the past 15 years, our team has built an industry-leading customer service reputation, and our customer-first focus is not changing,” said Tim King, president of Enwild. “We’re still the same group of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts committed to providing exceptional levels of service and expert advice.”

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