Adrenaline Rush: Speed Flying With ‘Flow State’ Host Dylan Efron

Think paragliding is cool? Learn the art of speed flying in this humorous pro-teaches-newbie video series.

“Flow State with Dylan Efron” is a video series in which adventure-seeker Dylan Efron partners with various world-class athletes to step outside his comfort zone and embrace adventure.

Episode 4, “Speed-Flying with Pearce,” launched today. In this episode, Efron heads to Soboba Flight School in San Jacinto, Calif., to learn speed-flying (like paragliding but speedier) with former Army Ranger Pearce Cucchissi.

Efron is cool, calm, and collected as he approaches the field.

“Oh, let’s see how this goes,” he chuckles.

He has no experience flying, let alone speed flying. After getting comfortable in a simulator, it’s time to jump — literally.

Cucchissi’s how-to instructions for a beginner? “Get in the air, turn right, pull the breaks, stick the landing … and don’t land on your ass!” Watch and learn a few pro piloting tips, Cucchissi’s flight plan, and more.

“Flow State” is presented in partnership with Firestone Walker.

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