Darn Tough Socks


Quality socks are one of life’s small pleasures. For the last couple of months, I’ve been running and riding in what I feel embody quality, the made-in-Vermont Run/Bike Series from Darn Tough. These socks come in a merino wool or Coolmax variety. I chose model “1435/No-Show Coolmax,” which have an airy mesh weave and run about $12.50 per pair.

Darn Tough “1435 Mesh/No-Show” sock

The open mesh on the socks’ top acts like a screen door, allowing me to finish runs and rides with relatively little sweat on my feet. Heel and sole material is noticeably thicker and more dense than what I am used to, and the fit is snug. But there has been no bunching or sliding in my shoes.

My only gripe is that I like a “no-show” sock to, well, show a little less. I found the cuff to be a wee bit too generous, poking out of the top of my shoe.

So far the socks have performed great. The thin, tight weave seems like it will hold up to a lot of abuse. And though I’ve gotten them pretty filthy a few times, they continue to return to their former crisp white after a wash.

A unique point with this company: They have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Really. Say you wear a hole in your socks. Send them in for a replacement. It seems they’re willing to wager that their products are literally “darn tough.”

—T.C. Worley