Isolated in the Backcountry: Watch ‘Heli Hiking’ in Banff

Eric Hanson gives a tour of Banff National Park, complete with hiking trails accessed by helicopter. This video offers one of the more unique ways to view the beautiful Canadian national park.

“Heli Hiking Heaven” is Backpacking TV‘s latest release. It’s part one in its series on hiking in Banff National Park. If you’re traveling to Banff, watch the whole video for an inside look at one of the most iconic destinations in the Canadian Rockies.

And if you’re not heading to Banff soon, the video should satisfy (or grow) any feelings of wanderlust.

Backpacking TV has steadily put out guides to popular travel destinations over the past year. For those interested in other travel destinations, check out our article on the 400-mile Jordan Trail or Backpacking TV’s video on Machu Picchu.