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This Affordable App Will Help You Better Navigate Your Hunts

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Hunters are continually learning, evolving, and changing in their effort to fill tags and find adventures. Your mapping product should evolve with you.

And, preferably, without breaking the bank. BaseMap offers all that and more. With more than 800 mapping layers to choose from, 14 base imagery and topo options, a 3D map for iOS, and access to your offline maps when there is no cell coverage, BaseMap offers hunters a smart tool to navigate the backcountry.

The kicker is that the entirety of BaseMap’s functionality for all 50 states rings in at $30.

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A Safer Way to Scout It Out


Property boundary information in real time is something most hunters have come to rely on, and BaseMap defines these boundaries at length. A foot wrong or a shot over the line can cost a hunter big, break trust with neighboring landowners, and potentially bring in legal issues. Understanding your exact location is paramount.

BaseMap offers the ability to both know your boundaries and share them with those out of sight. Location sharing in real time offers loved ones and hunting partners peace of mind in the process when you have cellphone service.

Weather data is also accessible through each waypoint. Sunrise and sunset times help hunters determine shooting light, and BaseMap’s patent-pending SmartMarkers technology allows the user to pull in passive weather information when using the journal or saving a waypoint.

Gaming the System


How do you make mapping fun? You give people free gear. Each week, BaseMap hosts GearDrop, a virtual geocaching contest that’s as easy as creating a waypoint within a designated boundary. If you drop your marker closest to the geocache, you win the grand haul of the week.

Past prizes have included Vortex rangefinders and binos, Hoyt compound bows, Viam outdoor tipis, Burch Barrel, and more. It’s a quick, easy way to take a shot at expanding your closet quickly and easily. Just keep your fingers crossed that you drop it in the right spot.

Personal Data Doesn’t End With a Waypoint

Deer Camp 2019; photo credit: Lindsey Mulcare

Let’s face it: Hunting isn’t a year-long process. It takes even longer and encompasses multiple seasons, years of scouting and effort, unknowable amounts of time spent e-scouting, and the few moments of success that make memories of a lifetime.

BaseMap is built to help you delineate that process over the long haul. The Journal function allows you to log activities, tracks, photos, harvests, and more. You can make this log public to your BaseMap friends and followers, limit info but still share, or keep all of your info entirely private. Then you can access this log at length from your profile page.

Past years’ data can determine this year’s success. Keep a diligent log as you go and cache the info you’ll need once the next rifle season rolls around.

Connecting the Dots

Photo credit: Kurt Barclay

Putting all of these features together can seem like a lot in the beginning, but as you go, you’ll be able to define, refine, and dial in everything from public land opportunities to the best habitat to seek a species.

A diligent record can mean a plentiful harvest. BaseMap offers the framework for e-scouting, tracking as you go, and pulling all your hunting information into one reliable spot. And the affordability of the system is the cherry on top of a feature-rich, easy-to-use, dependable system.

Get the app here

This article is sponsored by BaseMap. Learn more about the app and additional features here.

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