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Canine Endurance Fuel? ‘Premium Performance’ Food for Sporting Dogs

From flushing spaniels to labs retrieving all day long, sporting dogs have different energy needs. Eukanuba made its Premium Performance dog foods for hardworking canine athletes — at work or play.

Eukanuba Premium Performance is a line of foods designed for active puppies and adult dogs. If you look at dogs as athletes, then you can see the need to fuel according them according to how they perform. Some sporting dogs work anaerobically in short bursts while others run aerobically and cover many miles per day.

Feeding dogs according to their activity is key in helping them achieve peak performance. Eukanuba offers a range of formulas to match different types of work as well as to account for changes from peak season to offseason.

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Start ‘Em Young

Eukanuba believes optimal nutrition from the start helps active puppies develop into healthy adult working dogs.

To help kickstart a dog’s ability to reach their physical and mental potential, Eukanuba developed Premium Performance Puppy Pro. The food is formulated specifically for active puppies that will develop into sporting and working dogs. This puppy food is made to fuel growth and activity while also supporting a puppy’s digestive health and immune system. In addition, the brand states that it has clinically proven levels of DHA to help with puppy trainability.

As puppies, dogs establish bonds with their handlers and learn about their surroundings as well as new skills. Regular training can establish the habit of healthy exercise in your dog.

To support frequent training, Eukanuba offers treats to incorporate into your dog’s training regimen. Eukanuba ACTIVtrainer treats contain protein as their first ingredient, from either salmon or chicken, and they contain less than 2 calories per bite, according to the brand.

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Dog Food for Different Work

Adult sporting dogs need enough energy to perform in the field. Of course, the roles of a pointer and retriever are different — and so are their energy needs.

Dogs accustomed to quick-burst efforts and moderate activity benefit from a carb-heavy diet. Carbohydrates more readily break down into sugars and accessible energy.

Hunts that involve running for up to 4 hours of the day are endurance activities. These dogs need long-lasting energy that comes from protein and fat. The longer the run time, the more fat is needed.

Eukanuba Premium Performance is available in a variety of formulas that offer varying levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates tailored to different levels of activity.

The 21/13 Sprint Dry Dog Food has more carbs, so it’s best used as quick-access energy for fast, anaerobic work. Eukanuba designed the 26/16 Exercise Dry Dog Food for dogs that are running up to 2 hours per day and the 30/20 Sport Dry Dog Food for dogs that work up to 4 hours at a time.

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Other Nutritional Benefits

While each of Eukanuba’s Premium Performance formulas varies in protein and fat, the brand claims they all contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help provide every dog with the fuel they need to perform.

For example, DHA helps support the nervous system and healthy brain function. Chondroitin and glucosamine can improve mobility in canines. And blends of fiber and prebiotics help support a healthy digestive system.

Seasonal Adjustments

You probably understand that your dog needs more calories during more active periods of training or running. However, the source of those calories, either fat or carbohydrates, plays a big role in your dog’s performance.

Shifting your adult dog’s diet with their activity level is an option, especially because Eukanuba makes several performance-minded formulas.

For gun dogs, summer is preseason training. That’s when activity ramps up and your canine could benefit from food with more protein and fat — like in Premium Performance 30/20 Sport.

If your sporting dog’s exercise level drops off during the winter offseason, Eukanuba suggests they may need less protein and fat if weight gain is a concern. Eukanuba formulates its Premium Performance 26/16 Exercise kibble with that in mind.

Another factor in deciding your dog’s diet is their weight and body condition. Your veterinarian is obviously a good consultant for adjusting your dog’s diet.

If you’re between visits, there’s also a time-tested method of calculating a body condition score. (Eukanuba’s article outlines that process to help you determine your dog’s caloric needs.)

In short, the score gauges whether your dog’s ribs, waist, and hips are showing too much or too little fat. Higher scores indicate it’s time to lower your dog’s fat content or overall calorie count. Conversely, an underweight dog can use a boost in healthy fats.

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Performance Foods

Whether your active dog chases fowl or is just your adventure companion, there’s a Eukanuba Premium Performance formula made with them in mind.

If you have an active dog in your life, consider dialing their nutrition according to their lifestyle with one of these Premium Performance foods.

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This article is sponsored by Eukanuba Sporting Dog. Find out more about the brand’s Premium Performance foods for puppies and adult sporting dogs online.