First Lite Goes Duck Hunting: Debuts Typha-Patterned Waterfowl Gear

First Lite designed these waterproof and windproof layers with Typha camo for shooting fowl in foul conditions.

Rain and wind are your friends when it comes to duck hunting. Foul weather gets waterfowl moving. And First Lite aims to help out duck and goose hunters even more with its new line.

The First Lite Waterfowl Collection brings Typha camo — for marsh and field environments — to new and existing base layers, bibs, jackets, gloves, hats, boots, bags, blinds, and more for your kit.

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First Lite Waterfowl Collection
(Photo/FIrst Lite)

First Lite Typha, Camo for Conservation

If you hunt over water, it makes sense to wear waterproof layers. That’s why First Lite has created new jackets, bibs, and more for early- and late-season duck hunting. It also updated some existing pieces with its proprietary Typha camo to blend in with marshes and fields.

Of course, a good base layer doesn’t need to trick ducks; it just needs to keep you warm. First Lite recommends its merino base layers for the next-to-skin foundation of your duck hunt layering. The layers use the brand’s Merino 37.5 technology that maintains its warming traits when wet and naturally resists odor.

Additionally, as part of First Lite’s Camo for Conservation Initiative, the brand will donate a portion of the proceeds from each Typha camo piece sold to its conservation partner, Delta Waterfowl.

Now let’s get down to the specifics. Read on for the skinny on First Lite’s Waterfowl Collection.

LZ Jacket: $400

First Lite Waterfowl jacket

The LZ Jacket showcases a newly developed 4.5-layer body fabric that represents the brand’s new standard for waterproofing and abrasion resistance. Shooting-minded patterns include articulated arms and pockets for quick but secure access to shells, gloves, or other gear.

It should work as a full-season outerwear style for much of the country, as it should accommodate insulating layers beneath it. First Lite suggests it will keep hunters warm down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit for early-season or spring goose hunts. Come winter, it pairs with its Catalyst, Brooks, and Uncompahgre styles.

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Refuge Parka: $500

First Lite Refuge Parka Waterfowl

The Refuge Parka is made to handle the sloppier conditions of the late season. It uses the new 4.5-layer abrasion-resistant waterproof shell and body-mapped insulation from 200 g in the sleeves and hood to 300 g in the body. Its adjustable “turret” hood has a flip-up brim and a rain gutter shape to push water toward the sides and snap on or off.

The Parka makes room for wearing waders and base layers underneath when temps plunge below freezing.

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Refuge Bibs: $500

First Lite Refuge Bib

The Refuge Bib is the answer to the extreme cold of late-season field hunting. It’s body-mapped with 37.5 Synthetic Gen III Insulation, putting 300 g in the seat, 200 g in the legs, and 160 g in the back and body. The bib also has 60 g in its built-in handwarmer muff.

For easy, secure access, the waterproof front pocket uses a magnetic closure.

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Refuge Hand Muff: $90

Fist Lite Waterfowl Muff

Keep your trigger finger warm with this muff lined with a high-loft merino and sherpa fleece lining. It has a waterproof/windproof shell with Typha camo to protect against the elements. It can zip open to help it dry out after the hunt.

Additionally, you can integrate the Refuge Hand Muff with the D-rings on waders or the KitLink on the Refuge Parka or LZ Jacket.

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Ground Control Pack: $250

First Lite Waterfowl Pack

Duck hunting comes with some essentials, like calls, layers, and an extra serving of coffee. Carry it with you in the Ground Control. It’s made from a 600-denier body fabric with a double-sided TPU coating for durability. The bottom uses a welded bathtub design (like you’d find on a tent) to keep water out while in contact with wet surfaces.

It has an internal folding divider system, can be carried with stowable backpack straps, and has features molle platforms on each side for tacking on accessories.

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Tundra Neck Gaiter: $40

First Lite Tundra Neck Gaiter

Protect your neck in the extreme cold. This softshell neck gaiter should shed some precipitation while the merino wool face shield and synthetic shearling liner can provide a softer next-to-skin feel.

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Tanglefree Panel Blind: $340

(Photo/First Lite)

First Lite has partnered with Tanglefree to offer its concealment system, now in FL Typha camo. Its portability lets you set it up along field edges, among corn rows, in creek beds, and more. You can even move it midday if you’re getting skunked at your first choice. Its panel design means it can be set up in several different ways.

The brand made this blind to fit four hunters behind it, but you can combine it with a second panel system to hide nine hunters. It uses a 600-denier polyester material to hold up against elements and abuse. The front includes grass straps for adding vegetation to break up hard edges.

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Tanglefree Dog Vest: $45

First Lite Dog Vest

This neoprene vest gives your retriever a touch of camouflage, but, more importantly, it offers it some insulation and flotation during cold swims. A centered grab handle on the back gives you a way to restrain over-eager companions when waterfowl are lured into your setup.

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Fans of First Lite have to be happy to see this new Waterfowl line. Our reviewer praised several pieces.

The Typha camo gives the collection coverage in marshy and field environments while new 4.5-layer shell materials bolster the jackets and bibs against rain and snow.

Anyone excited to add new waterproof/windproof layers to their duck hunting setup should explore the different options for early and late season hunts.

Additionally, some of the brand’s existing base layers and other layers are now available in the Typha pattern, which should tip you off that the brand recommends using them under those shell layers.

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(Photo/First Lite)

This article is sponsored by First Lite. Find out more about its Waterfowl Collection.

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