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Watch a Lone Man Fish, Camp on Remote Rock Surrounded by Sea

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To what lengths will a man go to catch a fish? If anyone knows the limit, it’s this guy.

YouTuber Gido’s Fishing Adventures‘ most recent video is aptly titled. In “DROPPED OFF TO FISH HERE!,” the fisherman gets dropped off in the middle of the ocean, swims, then drags his gear to a nondescript rock for his solo excursion.

His only companions? Us (in spirit) and whatever fish he may or may not catch.

Extreme Fishing
Gido’s extreme ocean fishing camp spot

Once Gido gets there, he sets up camp and wets his line to catch some dinner.

This trip isn’t the first time he has embarked on something like this. It turns out exploratory and remote fishing trips are his bag. He has video after video of wild fishing antics, and we’re here for it.

What kind of fish are out there lurking around the rock in this particular video? Does Gido catch anything? Check it out above for all the action. And peep his fishing setups below.

Runtime: 18:15

remote rock fishing
It’s Gido’s world, and we’re just living in it

Gido's Setups

Light Setup

  • Reel: Penn 3500 Slammer
  • Rod: Oceans Legacy Genesis Prototype PE 3
  • Line: 30lb. Tasline and 60lb. Momoi Leader

Medium Outfit

  • Rod: Oceans Legacy Specialist Long Cast pe 3-6
  • Reel: Shimano Twinpower 10000
  • Line: 50lb. Tasline and 100lb. Momoi Leader

Heavy Outfit

  • Reel: Shimano Stella 20000
  • Rod: Ocean Legacy AGS-S7112XH
  • Line: 100lb. Tasline and 200lb. Momoi LeaderFish species are

Fish Species

  • Breaksea cod, or Epinephelides armatus
  • Western blue groper, or Achoerodus gouldii
  • Australian herring, or Arripis georgianus

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