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5 Hunters to Watch in 2020

Photo credit: Max Whittaker
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With so many hunters in the arena today, it can be hard to pin down which ones to follow. These folks send good messages and great vibes. GearJunkie’s Allie D’Andrea shares her favorite hunters making waves.

The best hunting-focused Instagram accounts post more than trophy shots — they also tell a story of who they are and why they hunt. And they consistently offer inspiring, educational, and entertaining content. The hunters below are some of the best on the ‘gram and beyond at the moment. 

Meet some of the hook and bullet folks doing social media right.

Clay Hayes: @clayhayeshunter

bow and bull
Photo credit: Clay Hayes

Clay Hayes is best known for his primitive bowmaking. He starts with a natural stave split from a yew, osage, or hickory tree. With hardened hands, he brings a longbow or recurve to life.

Clay also writes how-to articles on traditional archery, shares detailed bow building videos on his YouTube channel, and even offers in-person bow building classes in Florida and Idaho.

Chelsea Cassens: @chelscassens

Chelsea Cassens
Photo credit: Chelsea Cassens

Chelsea Cassens is a First Lite team member, Hunt to Eat ambassador, and proud mom of two. This Oregon native is heavily involved in public land and wildlife conservation, volunteering with nonprofits like Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Artemis Sportswomen, and 2% for Conservation to name a few.

Recently featured in a New York Times article exploring the controversies of lead-free ammunition, Cassens is a vocal advocate for the natural world. And she’s also a fabulous landscape photographer with a deep talent for capturing her eastern Oregon landscape. 

The Hunting Public: @thehuntingpublic

The Hunting Public
Photo credit: The Hunting Public

The folks of The Hunting Public might as well be your hunting buddies from college. They’re silly, relatable, and know their way around the whitetail woods.

They share daily video journals, how-to tip videos, and podcasts aimed at educating viewers on public land hunting. This crew is a refreshing representation of the hunting industry, sure to make you crack a smile.

Gunnar and Alma: @hunting_iceland

Gunnar and Alma
Photo credit: Gunnar Gudmunson

Donning thick wool sweaters and muted-colored beanies, this international duo hunts Iceland’s barren terrain for arctic fox. Gunnar and Alma are Icelandic hunters with a different take on harvesting wild game.

Their Instagram captions are streams of consciousness, and they explore everything from hunting ethics to hunting paradigms. And I’d be remiss not to mention how their photos tastefully capture the story of their life. It’s a beautiful account from a totally unique perspective. 

Michael Hunter: @thehunterchef

Michael Hunter
Photo credit: Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter is the head chef and owner of the Antler Kitchen Bar in Toronto, Canada. With a focus on local, seasonal, and wild foods, Michael’s hunting roots are evident in his work.

In April of 2018, he boldly butchered a deer leg in the front window of his restaurant in response to harassment from animal rights activists. And numerous media outlets picked up the story, including the popular Joe Rogan Podcast.

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