Nosler Introduces New Line of Rifle Suppressors for 2022

After nearly 75 years in the hunting ammunition industry, Nosler has introduced its first line of suppressors, designed specifically for hunters.

The new Nosler suppressor line will bring four models to shelves by mid-February 2022. Nosler has long been known as an industry leader in precision ammunition. This expansion into the world of rifle suppressors is easily the brand’s most significant innovation leap yet.

The company is introducing two different families of suppressors, each with two caliber models. Both families utilize a modular design that attaches the baffle stack to the blast chamber with an exterior jam nut.

All of the models offered attach over the Nosler Muzzle Brake or via direct thread with the included thread adapter. Each line is compatible with 5/8-24 (30-caliber models) and 1/2-28 (22-caliber models) threaded muzzles. 

Having held these suppressors in hand before the release, I can attest that the design is slick. They have the solid, quality feel that we’ve come to expect from a company like Nosler.

The All-Titanium Suppressor Family

Nosler Titanium Suppressor

The all-titanium family includes the SR-22Ti (22-caliber) and SR-30Ti (up to 30-caliber). At just over 13 ounces, they offer exceptional durability and superior sound mitigation, with a sleek profile.

If you can afford a bit of additional weight and cost, the hardiness of the titanium line is the way to go. The few extra ounces are worth it. If you aren’t an ultralight hunter, the minimal added weight will pay off.

The MSRP of the SR-22Ti and SR-30Ti are $900 and $950, respectively.

The Aluminum-Titanium Hybrid Suppressor Family

ALTI Nosler Suppressor

Like the all-titanium family, the hybrid family also includes both the 22-caliber and 30-and-under-caliber versions (22-ALTi and 30-ALTi).

At only 9 ounces, this line is engineered to offer the same clean profile, even lighter weight, solid sound mitigation, and a lower price point. The hybrid family offers you the benefit of cutting both weight and cost.

The MSRP of the SR-22ALTi and SR-30ALTi are $650 and $700, respectively. That’s a cost savings of right at $250 as compared to the all-titanium line.

Suppressor Legality

It’s important to understand both the legality in your state as well as the steps required to legally purchase a suppressor in the United States. Nosler has published helpful information on how to find a dealer, submit the proper paperwork, and quickly check the legality of suppressors in your state.

The approval of your tax stamp requires a bit of wait time. If you want one of these suppressors on your rifle this hunting season, you need to start the process well before you plan to take to the field.

Rachelle Schrute

As a fifth-generation Montanan, Rachelle Schrute comes from a long line of western hunters and anglers. Born in western Montana, she spent countless days chasing mountain elk and mountain trout with her family. She is heavily involved in Montana's conservation and wildlife management practices and has served in leadership roles within multiple conservation organizations. Rachelle is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and often spends her summers as a Wilderness Guide in Yellowstone National Park. When not gear testing or writing, you can likely find her hunting, hiking, fishing, and cooking wild game with her two children.