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Omnia Fishing App ‘Premium PRO’ Members Get 30,000 Lake Maps, 10 Layers of Info

New app-based service provides current water conditions to eliminate dead water as well as online shopping perks.

An illustration of the nine different map layers available with Omnia Premium Pro. (Photo Illustration/Omnia Fishing)
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Omnia Premium PRO is a subscription-based experience available within the free Omnia Fishing app (for iOS and Android). For $49, subscribers can access map layers with current conditions for thousands of lakes for 12 months. (There’s a free 7-day trial, too.)

The maps show more than just the shape of a waterbody, it gives you an idea of what’s happening above and below the surface of the water. Omnia pulls data from satellite feeds, weather stations, and other areas for near real-time updates on conditions and reveals underwater contours and composition, according to the brand.

We dive into the data more below, but anglers know that weather and water temperatures drive fish behavior, and finding favored fishing spots like steep edges or rocky bottoms takes up a lot of time on unfamiliar waters. The app gives anglers that information in their hand to help them strategize before they hit the water.

In short, the Omnia Premium PRO app seeks to help you find the fish by providing enough data to predict where they are and avoid bouts of dead water. Throwing lures can be fun, but catching fish is better.

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(Photo/Omnia Fishing)

Omnia Premium PRO

Omnia Fishing began as an e-commerce tool that lets anglers “shop by lake.” That means using data to inform product suggestions based on specific bodies of water, time of year, and desired catch.

Building off of that, its founders tapped their background and expertise in mapping valuable data to create Omnia Premium PRO. The app’s informative maps and tools help anglers bring (or buy) the right kind of tackle and stay on top of changing conditions throughout the day. Furthermore, feedback from local anglers can reveal what patterns are working best on a lake-by-lake basis.

Data-Driven Maps

All told, Omnia Premium PRO maps have 10 layers of data. The different layers display depth contours, bottom composition, vegetation, satellite-derived water temperature and clarity, wind, weather radar, air temperature, lightning strikes, and storm cells.

Ideally, you scan the maps before your fishing trip and come up with a game plan. That could include picking a few spots to seek out based on underwater conditions and getting a general idea of the weather and water temperatures. That information can help you choose lures and fishing strategies.

You could hang around the local tackle shop and ask about historical trends, or just open the app and gather your own intel. Don’t worry: You can still stop in and hear tales of legendary catches after you’re off the water.

With Omnia Premium PRO, you’ll have up-to-date maps of thousands of lakes. No matter where you choose to fish, you’ll have heaps of data to inform your decisions. Whether you swear by fishing over hard bottoms or seek out contrasts in depth and clarity, the app should be able to help you find the best conditions.

Know the Lay of the Land

Finding fish means finding fish habitat. Whether revealing underwater debris or submerged rock formations, Omnia Premium PRO helps you find your ideal spot by checking the water’s depth contours, vegetation, and bottom composition.

Not all fish prefer the same type of habitat. Various types of bass use cover differently, with largemouth generally staying closer to old wood or rocks for cover more than smallmouths. In lakes, anglers tend to seek out hard bottom cover because that’s where minnows and crawfish linger among the sand and rocks.

That said, even bass will hang out in murky, soft bottom cover in cooler temperatures as long as there’s enough oxygen. Species like catfish that are less reliant on visual hunting often seek out these waters.

(Photo/Omnia Fishing)

Water Temps & Seasonal Changes

Knowing a lake’s water temperatures can be the golden ticket to finding bass, especially if you couple it with a broader seasonal context. The Omnia Premium PRO app will even suggest types of lures and baits to match these factors.

Typically, bass are most aggressive in waters from 65 to 75 degrees. That’s when they may move into shallower water to find prey, at least part of the day.

In spring, bass move into shallower waters to spawn and stay there to protect nests. As summer approaches and longer days heat up the waters, bass may start transitioning into deeper waters.

In that in-between phase, bass may start their day in shallows and then move to cooler waters once the sun elevates water temps. That’s one reason anglers enjoy transitional zones like ledges between two depths.

Come summer, it’s safe to assume bass have moved to greater depths and cover.

Cooling fall waters will trigger another active period when bass are aggressively adding weight ahead of winter hibernation.

Wind & Weather

Aside from the sun — which plays a major role in changing water temperatures — other weather and climate conditions are strong factors. These are also harder to sense while you’re standing on a bank or sitting in a boat.

That’s where the Omnia Premium PRO’s wind and weather data could come in handy. It can tell you the current air temperature while displaying up-to-date wind directions on the water, according to Omnia.

You can check the wind before heading out in your boat, or while you’re on the water to see if conditions are changing away from your current spot. Midday weather can kick up winds, and you may change your strategy (and lure).

You can also see likely windblown points, where a steady wind can trap plankton and attract baitfish and their predators to those spots. Knowing the strength and direction of the winds will also let you decide where to position your boat for downwind casting.

By checking the current surface temperatures and reading the map’s display of warming and cooling spots, you can decide whether the conditions are favorable or not and adjust your strategy.

Lastly, there’s also weather radar, storm maps, and lightning strike locators to stay ahead of any severe weather heading your way.

(Photo/Omnia Fishing)

Omnia Premium PRO Member Benefits

A Premium PRO membership includes both map layers and shopping benefits for Omnia’s e-commerce store. Omnia warehouses its own products, so orders can ship out the same day they arrive. PRO members get 10% back and free shipping for more than 20,000 products.

If your days on the water usually involve more guesswork, this app can help you level up your fishing, the brand says.

The Omnia Fishing app is available on iOS and Android.

Check Out Omnia Premium PRO

This article is sponsored by Omnia Fishing. Find out more about the multilayered maps available with a Premium PRO membership.

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