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Minimalist Pack at a Maximalist Price: Sitka Turkey Tool Belt Review

The Sitka Turkey Tool Belt crams ample storage in a minimalist pack with a price that might peck a hole in your pocket.

Turkey Toolbelt(Photo/Adam Moore)
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Turkey hunters can be as obstinate as the birds they hunt. Calling strategies, tactics, or shot size of choice are all hills they’re likely willing to die on. Gear is no exception.

Some gobble chasers prefer turkey vests; others scoff at this idea. If you belong to the minimalist crowd, you’ll be intrigued by Sitka’s Turkey Tool Belt and its practical simplicity. This fanny pack neatly catalogs your calls, making access stealthy and easy when you’ve got a tom gobbling his head off in the timber.

Whether you’re belly crawling through a field or posting up in the hardwoods, you can adjust this pack to suit your run-and-gun strategies. Even if you end up blowing your shot, this minimalist pack won’t slow you down when it’s time to cut your losses and go find another gobbler.

In short: The Sitka Turkey Tool Belt is a pricey, yet thoughtfully designed pack for minimalist run-and-gun turkey hunters.

Sitka Turkey Tool Belt


  • Size Fits most (30-46”)
  • Zippered top pocket
  • Magnetic closures
  • Removeable bottle holder
  • Included rainfly
  • Removable padded seat
  • Adjustable/removable hip belt


  • Intuitive pockets
  • Plenty of storage
  • Silent box call compartment
  • Not just for turkey season


  • Super expensive

Sitka Turkey Tool Belt Review

Testing the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt

Hunting with the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt; (photo/Adam Moore)

This past fall, I had the privilege of testing out Sitka’s turkey tool belt during deer season. After doing so, I definitely recognize this pack’s utility across various hunting seasons.

As part of testing, I also filled the pack with gear the way I would during turkey season to gauge its intuitiveness and practicality. This pack can hold more calls than you’ll need, but then again, you never know which call might change a gobbler’s course.

Box call pocket; (photo/Adam Moore)

Like other fanny packs, the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt conveniently stows everything within arm’s reach. Call-specific pockets make for organized storage, so you can blindly reach for a call or striker while scanning the timber. But, unlike other fanny packs, the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt has a padded box call pocket with a magnetic closure that keeps it silent when you’re trying to slip in on a gobbler.

Storage and Accessories

The top zippered pocket makes it easy to stash a knife, snacks, or other miscellaneous gear while you’re hunting. I think the rainfly is a nice touch for those surprise spring thunderstorms, but not necessarily a bulletproof option for forecasted downpours (slate/glass or box calls aren’t really an option in these situations anyway).

The front pocket with the emblem holds up to four strikers and a few glass/slate calls. Nifty pockets on either side of the hip belt hold extra shot shells or mouth calls and keep them in a convenient place.

Belt pocket; (photo/Adam Moore)

I find the padded seat and water bottle holder unnecessary. To be fair, both of these are removable, so you can ditch them. Someone smarter than me might have a better argument for them, but I think these features contradict the idea of a minimalist setup.

Most turkey hunters who run fanny packs aren’t worried about seats and typically poke fun at vests for this reason. I can see more of an argument in favor of the water bottle holder (I’m not advocating for going without water), but if you’re run-and-gun hunting, especially for extended periods, one water bottle won’t cut it. Pairing a small hydration bladder with this setup would be the better option.

What the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt Does Best

(Photo/Adam Moore)

The Sitka Turkey Tool Belt best suits the maximalist-minimalist who wants a small pack and plenty of turkey call options. The belt pockets and intuitive pack design allow you to grab calls or gear without getting busted.

Sitting against a tree with the pack in front, you can access everything at chest level, and it won’t interfere with your shooting position. Of course, the adjustability gives you plenty of options when it comes to situating the pack during a setup.

I’m also a fan of the hip belt, which you can adjust with one hand, which happens to be convenient when you’re balancing a shotgun on one knee with the other. The two-way adjustability on the belt also allows you to secure the pack with a snug fit or loosen it as needed.

What the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt Does Worst

I had the privilege of testing Sitka’s Turkey Tool Belt, and I had a blast using it to also hunt this past deer season. While this belt has some cool, intuitive features that turkey hunters can appreciate, the $229 price overshadows these qualities.

After all, it’s a fanny pack, and I’m not sure I see true minimalist or diehard turkey hunters dropping half as much on one. For the price, I think the Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest makes more sense, even for minimalist hunters.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism requires some kind of sacrifice. With the Sitka Turkey Tool Belt — that’s your hunting budget. If you’re okay with the premium price, you’ll enjoy the ample storage and accessibility that this run-and-gun pack provides. Who knows, you might find yourself running this pack long after turkey season closes.

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