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How Thermacell Keeps Hunters From Being Hunted by Mosquitoes

Nothing ruins a hunt like becoming the hunted. Thermacell wants to protect you from the buzz (and bites) of mosquitoes so you can focus on the details of your hunt.

A Portable Mosquito Repeller by Thermacell can alleviate the pains of early-season hunts by creating a zone of protection around you.

Part of hunting is staying still in a stand so wildlife doesn’t detect you. That’s hard to do while mosquitoes are swarming you. Even if they’re not biting, they’re buzzing around you, which can range from distracting to making you wait until the first freeze to hunt.

If whitetail hunting takes you into the woods where summer-like conditions persist, like fighting off mosquitoes, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

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Thermacell: No-Contact Mosquito Repellent

There are a few ways that Thermacell stands out from other mosquito and insect repellents.

First, there’s the way it works. Unlike general bug-repellent lotions and sprays, Thermacell repellent isn’t applied to your skin and thus doesn’t need reapplication midday.

Instead, the portable devices use a small, unscented mat that holds the repellent and, once heated, disperses a vapor around the device. Thermacell says the repellent creates a zone of mosquito protection up to 15 feet away. The activated mats can last up to 4 hours.

The active ingredient in the repellent mats is allethrin, a synthetic version of pyrethrin that’s found in plants like chrysanthemums — and data supporting this claim has been reviewed and accepted by the U.S. EPA.

The recent builds of these models have improved on the original designs with a quieter ignition. That’s something hunters will care about once they’re in the stand.

Hunting Companions

Thermacell makes two portable mosquito repellers for hunters to consider:

Thermacell MR300: Hunters take note — this portable repeller can be ordered in a deer camo print. The redesigned holster clips onto your belt and holds extra mats and fuel cartridge refills. (It can be ordered separately with the MR450.)

Thermacell MR450: This model adds a rubber over-mold to withstand some abuse, as well as a clip for wearing or mounting below you. It also has a zone-check indicator so you know when it is active.

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No Smell

We get it — you’ve got all kinds of unscented gear and cover sprays. But, if you’ve found yourself ending a hunt early because you became the hunted, perhaps it’s time to stop worrying about whether a slight odor may spook deer and try hunting in peace.

One of our reviewers wrote that Thermacell repellent is a must-carry for early-season turkey hunts. He placed it upwind and below him for the most coverage. And while he detected a slight odor, he decided it worked for early-season deer: “I put more emphasis on the wind direction and stand location, and I worry less about smelling like nothing.”

Thermacell says its fuel cartridges are scent-free, and the brand also sells Earth Scent refills.

If you’ve been using other mosquito repellents to prevent a hunt from becoming an all-day blood donation session, consider the Thermacell portable repellents as a mess-free alternative.

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This post is sponsored by Thermacell. Learn more about the MR300 and other mosquito repellents.

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