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Is Vector Arrows Disrupting the Arrow Industry?

There’s a new kid on the block in the arrow industry. Vector Arrows is changing the arrow buying experience.

“To improve is to change” — Winston Churchill

While strong and reliable with a deep foundation, the vast sea that is the arrow industry has remained fairly calm. Calm is nice, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to progress.

For several years, archers have seen slight innovations in the materials, construction, and utilization of the direct-to-consumer model when it comes to arrows. High-quality arrows have never been more accessible than they are now.

High performance, though? And personalized? That’s a slightly different discussion and where the company Vector Arrows has sought to make a change for the better.

Who Is Vector Arrows?

vector arrows
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Right about now, you’re probably asking the following: “Who the hell is Vector Arrows?”

It is indeed the new kid on the block in the arrow industry. They launched their company only 2 years ago out of their home state of Wisconsin. The word “new” doesn’t reflect their expertise, though.

Vector is a sturdy tripod of a team comprised of media frontman Isaac Smith, mechanical engineer/ballistics expert David Williams, and IT pro Ben Eipert.

Like many companies, this all started from a passion. Isaac Smith has always been a hobbyist bowhunter and began doing arrow builds for himself and his friends. He believes that with the right arrow build for your specific setup, you can take out 50% of the guesswork when it comes to achieving perfect arrow flight.

This is exactly where the unique angle for the direct-to-consumer company, Vector Arrows, comes in.

“Built to Your Specs” Model

Vector Arrows - Build Your Arrow
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Vector makes high-quality carbon arrows and components to go along with them. Between their original HMR shaft and ZMR shaft, they cover the gamut between medium and heavyweight arrows.

These are thick-walled micro-diameter arrows with components that can handle a beating. As good as the products are, though, that’s not what truly separates them from the rest. The true bread and butter of Vector is the “built to your specs” model. This is something that has never been done to this level until now.

On the Vector website, you won’t find the standard of a spine chart with an option to buy arrows. This is the anti-spine chart arrow company.

There are too many variables between the spine and perfect arrow flight. Instead, you’ll find arrow models with an option to build your own arrow. In this section, you input the quantity you’d like, bow brand, bow model, draw weight, draw length, broadhead weight, and an option for three or four fletches.

From this information, Vector uses a unique algorithm that it developed to find the most ideal dynamic spine for you and your setup alone. Not your friend. Not your neighbor. You.

The Pros

vector arrows - pros
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The road to the proper arrow build has always been traveled via a spine chart and the process of elimination. You’re signing up to tinker with this model. For folks who are short on time, that’s an issue.

By utilizing the Vector algorithm, they take this variable completely out of the equation.

It’s much more of a DIY-friendly model, as most folks can troubleshoot minor adjustments to their arrow rest. And if not, the local pro shop will get these shooting a bullet hole through paper in a snap.

The bottom line is you’re gonna get tuned up and ready for the field quicker. Plus, these arrows are just going to magically appear at your doorstep built and at the ready.

The Cons

While some struggle with finding the time to tinker and the actual act of doing so, there are others that really enjoy that part.

It’s rewarding to lay things out and troubleshoot your way to a perfectly tuned setup. Vector does take the density of that reward away.

There’s a lot that one can learn from building their own arrows and finding out what works versus what doesn’t work with certain setups. It’s a convenient model with what some would call an inconvenient end, which is a less educated shooter.

But a less educated shooter can often be a beginning shooter. And this is an excellent opportunity for folks to have a great experience while getting into archery.

Is Vector Actually Disrupting the Arrow Industry?

So, now for the question at hand. Is Vector actually disrupting the arrow industry?

Vector Arrows co-founder Isaac Smith says, “Absolutely. This wasn’t possible until now. We’re getting people to a better-performing arrow quicker. Our goal is making higher performance more accessible. The future is a done-for-you service. They’re internet-age arrows.”

using vector arrows
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As for me, I feel that Vector is indeed disrupting the arrow industry, but in a good way. It’s a wave for the better in a rich pool of great arrows. And I don’t feel it’s something that is going to wash away the current model that most arrow companies have; it’s just another option that stands out, in my opinion.

To see someone try and do something different like this is refreshing — especially when it caters to the busy lives that many of us lead these days. More time for shooting and less time worrying about arrow setups.

Without change, progression will always be limited. Vector Arrows no doubt has its place in bowhunting.

Josh Kirchner

Josh Kirchner is the author of the book, Becoming a Backpack Hunter, as well as the voice behind the hunting blog Dialed in Hunter. Through informative articles and adventure hunting films he hopes to educate and inspire others to chase their goals in the mountains. When he is not pursuing elk, deer, bear, and javelina through the diverse Arizona terrain he calls home, he is spending time with his wife, daughter, and Australian shepherd.