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My Pup Loves the YETI Dog Bed, But She Doesn’t Have to Pay for It

Within minutes of meeting the new Trailhead Dog Bed from YETI, my puppy claimed it as hers. And while it appears to be a well-made, durable product, YETI’s new dog bed will take a big bite out of your wallet.

YETI this week launched its newest product, the Trailhead Dog Bed. It may seem like a departure for the brand known for high-end coolers and drinkware. But YETI explained that the bed fits the lifestyle of many of its loyal customers.


Fortunately for my dog, the brand brought by an early sample to check out. I say “fortunately” because I would have a hard time swallowing $300 to pamper her with a bed, even though she is cute as hell.

Shoot, at 5 months, she hasn’t even retrieved her first pheasant yet and still struggles to return to my side when I call her name in the field.

But now that it’s sitting in the corner of my living room, Leika the GSP is getting very comfortable calling it home. This certainly isn’t the most expensive dog bed on the planet, and several other brands make high-end dog beds in this price range. So is this one right for you and your pooch? Here are some details if you’re shopping for a luxe dog bed.

YETI Dog Bed Review

The Trailhead Dog Bed has a few standout features compared with other premier dog beds. First and foremost, it has two pieces that come apart, allowing it to either serve as a full-size dog bed or as a travel pad. At home, use the entire bed with side “rails” as a cozy, supportive base for your pooch.


But when hitting the road, you can remove the center mattress. It functions as an easily portable pad for your dog’s kennel, a bed for hotel rooms, or a campsite.

The bed base and the removable pad both have very durable, waterproof bottoms. They have durable, longlasting EVA-molded bases, the same material used in the midsoles of running shoes. YETI claims it will hold up to the weight of big dogs, and it does seem to have a lot of support.

On top of the base sits a softer surface. It has a high-density foam core sandwiched by another lighter-weight foam, and above that a softer pillow surface that feels like a mattress topper. The ring encircling the bed is also soft. YETI says it is “conducive to chin resting and sweet dreaming,” and I did note the chin-resting use is common with my dog. I cannot verify the dreams were sweet.

The pad measures about 6 1/2 x 39 3/8 x 29 1/7 inches and still has lots of room left for my 30-ish-pound German shorthaired pointer to grow. I imagine it will be good for her as an adult and would be suitable for dogs into the 70-pound range. The bed itself weighs 10.3 pounds.

YETI Dog Bed Washing Instructions

Both the Travel Pad and Home Base have removable covers that you can machine wash. It’s pretty intuitive, but I’ll break down the washing instructions a little for each piece.

Travel Pad: Given this is the piece the dog lays on the most, I’m guessing it’ll get washed most. Simply remove it from the Home Base, and completely unzip the top from the bottom completely. The top soft, quilted material can go right in the washing machine and dryer. YETI doesn’t say what temp to use, but my gut tells me to keep it on cool and low to extend the lifespan. Do not wash the bottom, but you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Once completely dry, zip them back together. That’s about it.

Home Base: There are two zippers. First, unzip the pillow bolster and set it aside. It should not go in the washer. Next, unzip the material around the bottom of the Home Base. It will separate into two pieces of material: soft quilted material (this goes in the washer and dryer) and Home Base material (only wipe clean, do not wash). Also, don’t wash foam components or the pillow bolster in a machine.

Washing is pretty straightforward and should keep your bed looking new for a long time.

The Big Question: Price

From my limited experience, the Trailhead seems like a very well-made, solid dog bed. So is it worth the hefty price?

Looking around at other dog beds, YETI is certainly on the high end. But I’ve already dropped $50 on a cheap bed that she wrecked within a day. So is this a case of “buy once, cry once”?

Owners rank the Big Barker 7-inch Pillow Top bed extremely well, and it hits a price range of $239 to $399 depending on size. The bigger (and higher-priced) Big Barker is suitable for enormous dogs that will probably not fit the YETI well.


In the outdoor-specific realm, Orvis dog beds sell into the mid-$200 price range. Gunner Kennels, which makes a spectacular dog kennel, also makes an Orthopedic Bed for $90, so quite a bit less than the YETI.

But none of these have quite the same design or features. The two-in-one aspect of the YETI and its waterproof bottom make it a good option for hunters or other outdoor enthusiasts who will put it on lots of wet grass or truck beds. Is the Trailhead Dog Bed worth $300? Well, you’ll have to answer that one for yourself.


While my dog isn’t over her chewing and clawing days just yet, she attacked the bed only a few times, and briefly. Thankfully, her puppy teeth did no damage. And a few reprimands later, she seems to no longer want to dig into the bed, instead choosing to lounge on it peacefully. I’ve had this dog bed for only a few days, so these are just first impressions. I’ll update this review with wear testing and other information once it has a few months under its belt.

In the meantime, my dog seems happy to be spoiled with a bed that carries a human bed price tag. I hope her dreams include pointing pheasants, holding through the flush, and making a to-the-hand retrieve.

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