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Hyperlite Mountain Gear Launches ‘Unbound’ Bundle: A Complete Thru-Hiker’s Kit

people camping with Hyperlite Mountain Gear's new Unbound shelter, pack, and quiltThe Unbound 40, Unbound 2P, and 20-Degree Quilt; (photo/Hyperlite Mountain Gear)
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Hyperlite designed its new 40L pack, 20-degree quilt, and two-person shelter to work in conjunction on long thru-hikes.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear just dropped new products in each of the “big three” backpacking gear categories. The Unbound 40 pack, Unbound 2P shelter, and 20-Degree Quilt each utilize Hyperlite’s signature clean style and top-shelf material choice.

The resulting Unbound bundle is sure to be attractive to prospective thru-hikers looking for synthesis in their major gear purchases (if not a budget-friendly gear layout photo).

Here’s a quick rundown of everything included in the kit.

Hyperlite Unbound 40 Pack

The Unbound 40 is a greatest-hits collection of well-loved thru-hiking pack features.

A 40L volume is an increasingly popular choice on long trails as kits get smaller, and roll-top closures and over-the-top y-straps are nothing new. Likewise, the material choices (DCH50 for the pack body and DCH150 for the bottom panel) are long-standing Hyperlite go-to’s.

The only reason the material choice is a (slight) surprise is that pack makers are increasingly gravitating toward Challenge Sailcloth’s Ultra family of fabrics.

But it’s no shock that Hyperlite, a brand that made its name with Dyneema Composite Fabric, would stick with a time-tested material.

The hyperlite mountain gear Unbound 40
The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 40; (photo/Hyperlite Mountain Gear)

Another minor feature is the updated, customizable, and removable hip belt. The sternum strap has likewise received an overhaul. A stretch bottom pocket is rare in packs from huge brands, but pretty common in cottage packs.

Hyperlite straddles those two worlds, and so the inclusion of a bottom pocket in the Unbound 40 is interesting, if not unexpected.

So, what makes the Unbound 40 stand out? The roll-top clips close on the sides as opposed to over the top, a little detail that makes for a cleaner pack silhouette, and one I wish more pack-makers would utilize.

And in a nod to modularity and the strap-hacking tendencies of ultralight backpackers, the side compression cords are removable.

But what really caught my eye was the oversized side pockets, unique in Hyperlite’s pack lineup. I also took note of the dual-entry front pocket, which should, in theory, remove some of the rummaging backpackers have to do in overstuffed front pockets.

The dual-entry stretchy front pocket on the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 40L; (photo/Hyperlite Mountain Gear)

In short, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, a brand known for no-frills, minimally featured packs, now has a pack with some frills. A size medium weighs 30 ounces and costs $369 MSRP.

Shop Unbound 40 Pack

Unbound 2P Shelter: Classic Design With a Twist

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is all-in on single-pole, pyramid-style shelters. That is, until now.

The Unbound 2P is a double-pole, double-vestibule, single-wall shelter with mesh interior side panels. The tried-and-true design is reminiscent of the Zpacks Duplex and Gossamer Gear The Two, among others.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Kearsarge Pass Eastern Sierras
The Hyperlite Mountain Gear Unbound 2P; (photo/Hyperlite Mountain Gear)

One major design difference between those shelters and the Unbound is that the Unbound 2P’s side walls utilize three panels that meet at the central guy-out point. Theoretically, this should shed wind a little better than a flat panel.

The Unbound 2P weighs 24 ounces, has 28.1 square feet of interior space, and runs $669.

Shop Unbound 2P Shelter

The 20-Degree Quilt: 1,000 Fill-Power Goodness

If you want high warmth-for-weight and high compressibility in your sleep system, you want high fill-power down. And 1,000 fill power is about as high as it gets, which is how Hyperlite has managed to make a 20-degree quilt that weighs 20 ounces in size regular.

The hyperlite mountain gear 20 degree quilt
The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 20-Degree Quilt; (photo/Hyperlite Mountain Gear)

The 7d face fabric and a blend of vertical and horizontal baffles (1.5 inches of loft) are also nice touches. The lack of a draft collar will be a deal breaker for some, particularly as this quilt will cost you $599. Throw in one of Hyperlite’s clever side-entry pods, and you are looking at $649.

Shop Unbound 20-Degree Quilt

You can browse the entire Unbound collection at Hyperlite’s website.

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