‘Rex Specs’ Are Sunglasses For Dogs

You wouldn’t head into the sunny mountains without your shades, so why should your dog have to?

Rex Specs

Rex Specs are sunglasses for dogs. They are much like ski goggles with interchangeable, spherical lenses. A strap fits behind the dog’s head to keep the goggles in place while it runs, jumps, sniffs, and generally does dog stuff.

The adjustable, one-size product fits dogs from about 35-100 pounds, depending on head size and shape.Rex Specs 2

But do dogs need sunglasses?

The company says they have been tested to assist in the treatment of canine eye conditions such as pannus (chronic superficial keratitis) that are caused by high UV environments.

They also protect from debris and environmental hazards and have been tested and designed for working dogs.

“They are stable on the face while still allowing for full jaw motion and range of view,” the company reports.

Rex Specs 1

Will your dog like them? That’s a whole other question. I’m guessing it would take some training for most dogs to accept these on their face. If you’ve watched dogs squirm out of booties or sweaters, you can imagine the fiasco these could present.

Rex Specs 3

But for tolerant dogs, the sunglasses could be a solution to potential eye problems. At $80, they are a significant investment. But if the circumstances warrant goggles, we’re guessing you’re best bud deserves them.

Sean McCoy

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