LEKI trekking poles BS
LEKI's Black Series FX Carbon poles; (photo/LEKI)

The ‘Cadillac’ of Trekking Poles, LEKI Unveils High-End Black Series FX Carbon

If you want trekking poles with every bell and whistle, then these new LEKI trekking poles fit the bill. Check out the latest in German engineering.

LEKI isn’t messing around with its Black Series FX Carbon folding poles. Clearly proud of the new design, the company called them the “Cadillac” of poles. (Though for a German company, the “BMW” of poles would arguably feel more accurate.)

Branding domesticity aside, LEKI could be making the claim because the Black Series FX might be the most expensive trekking poles on the market. At €220 (over $260 in the U.S. after shipping and handling), these poles don’t come cheap.

However, they do provide the German engineering that LEKI fans have come to expect.

LEKI Black Series poles
A closeup of the LEKI Black Series FX Carbon poles; (photo/LEKI)

Black Series FX Carbon Trekking Pole Specs

At just 8 ounces per pole, trekkers will hardly notice the Black Series FX Carbon poles when stowed away in their pack. In fact, your overall pack weight might negate itself entirely, since your wallet will be so much lighter after you buy them. (Though, the ever-popular Black Diamond 100% carbon shaft poles, the Carbon Zs, are still lighter.)

The Black Series FX Carbon uses LEKI’s SpeedLock 2+ for what the company claims is the world’s strongest external pole locking system. In a few seconds, hikers can adjust the poles from 43-51 inches, down to just 16. Again, for comparison, adjusting to the same height as the Carbon Zs, but packing down slightly smaller.

LEKI also put the locking mechanism inside the poles to protect them from the elements. Using the lock feels as simple as clicking a mechanical pen, the company said.

The pole handles have LEKI’s “award-winning trekking grip.” And the grips have a hollow core and wide surface area. The cork used in the grips helps wick away moisture.

Like any trekking pole you don’t want to lose, the Black Series has a security strap to make sure the poles don’t slip off and fall down the mountain. And it’s a good idea to use the straps. At this price, these aren’t poles you want to leave behind.

Check out the Black Series FX Carbon online at LEKI or REI.

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