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Future Gear… 2015 Winter Products Sneak Peek

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The Outdoor Retailer trade show, held twice a year in Salt Lake City, is a mecca of gear. Thousands of brands debut products for the coming year, from minor upgrades to revolutionary announcements. Here’s part I in our exclusive series on Outdoor Retailer, a pre-show peek at some of the more interesting products coming to market late this year and into 2016.

‘Fat’ Shoe — Made by Under Armour, the Fat Tire GTX was designed for the sloppiest singletrack around, with a waterproof upper and a big, fat, grippy outsole with “tire” rubber that comes from Michelin.

Glow Clothes — Helly Hansen’s Pace Norviz LS & Pace Norviz Tights are technical outerwear pieces designed to keep you comfortable and visible during brisk days and dark nights. The shirt is embedded with an all-over reflective print for extra visibility in the dark.

Breathable Backcountry Boots — Most inner boots are made with non-breathable foam. Not these — the first GORETEX thermo-moldable ski mountaineering boots come from Dynafit (pictured) and Scott. Three models will be offered, each with a liner that’s waterproof and breathable thanks to a GORETEX membrane.

Instant Camp Fire — Made from alder wood, the Burnie ($12.95) is a packaged all-in-one campfire or grilling source. Light it with a match and the 100% natural (all wood, zero chemicals) unit burns for 1.5 hours at a tailgate party, campfire, or a neighborhood get-together.

Portable Keg — DrinkTanks’ Growler products debuted last year. This season the brand launches a larger size — the Juggernaut is a one-gallon (128 oz.; pictured at left above) unit ready to serve carbonated beverages like beer and kombucha fresh and bubbly for up to five days.

Inflatable Puffy — NuDown is a different spin on “inflatable” jackets. To increase insulation of a garment, you pump in air using a hand pump in the pocket. This enables consumers to control the amount of insulation with a few pumps for more warmth, or by hitting a release valve for cooling.

Goggles For Uphill & Down — Julbo has come up with a way to keep goggles fog-free while sweating it up on a climb. The Aerospace Goggle resists fogging with the help of a mechanical movement system that allows the lens to move a centimeter away from the frame (and then snap easily back into place when an ascent is completed).

Kid Boots — MyMayu offers a new take on kids boots with its Muddy Munchkins. They have uppers made of a waterproof fabric that function much like gaiters. Fleece inserts add warmth, and a simple rubber boot bottom serves as the upper and the outsole in one.

Climber’s Shell — It has an ensconcing hood with a face mask (made with a merino wool lining) and a GORETEX Pro Shell body, making the Terrex Techrock GTX Jacket from Adidas Outdoor potentially perfect for ice climbers and mountaineers moving fast and light.

‘Hippy’ Packs — A collaboration between JanSport and surf brand HippyTree has netted a pack collection. Navy and brown color schemes and retro touches define the three-pack line. Performance touches include an internal roll-top waterproof pocket for storing wet gear after a day at the beach.

Jacket From 1973 — With a Pendleton wool plaid based on an archival pattern circa 1973, the Field Mountain Down Jacket from Timberland is a retro sight to behold. Down insulated and with leather accents on the shoulders.

American-Built Boot — New to KEEN’s American-built series (assembled in Portland, Ore.), the Liberty Ridge is a backpacking boot with a waterproof leather upper for technical ascents and long wilderness trips.

DIN-Certified — The Kingpin from Marker is the first PinTech binding to gain DIN ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s TÜV testing organization. The tech binding weighs in a 730 grams with brakes and has a DIN setting up to 13.

Below-Zero Boots — Bogs’ Snowpocolypse boot is rated to an insane -112°F for warm feet anywhere on Earth. They are designed to wick sweat from your feet, too, which will probably be important if you wear them anywhere outside the Arctic Circle.

Dog Sleeping Bag — The Highlands Sleeping Bag is packable warmth and comfort on the trail for your canine companion. Tuck in the tail and go to sleep.

Xero Shoes — A packable sport sandal, the Amuri Z-Trek weighs in at 7.5 ounces and wraps the foot for secure footing. It rolls small to take up little room in your pack and includes a 5,000-mile warranty for years of use.

—The GearJunkie staff will be at the Outdoor Retailer trade show all week. Watch the blog and social media for updates, including our twice-annual “Best In Show” awards to highlight the most innovative gear coming to market this year.

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