Patagonia Launches Workwear In 'Iron Forged' Hemp Canvas
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Patagonia Launches Workwear In ‘Iron Forged’ Hemp Canvas

Clothing that lasts a lifetime of manual labor (and has ‘no break-in time’ before you wear it)… Patagonia makes big claims with its new line of workwear.

Patagonia Men's Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Ranch Jacket
Patagonia Men’s Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Ranch Jacket

Patagonia says the workwear made with “Iron Forge Hemp” canvas is more durable, abrasion resistant, and comfortable off the rack than conventional cotton duck canvas. The canvas is a blend of 55 percent industrial hemp, 27 percent recycled polyester, and 18 percent organic cotton.

The line comprises 17 products built for hard work at a price that goes toe-to-toe with stalwart brands like Carhartt.

Patagonia Workwear

Where Patagonia will likely differ from Carhartt is break-in time. Carhartt pants, in particular, are notoriously tough and take time to soften up. They’re also renowned for durability. Whether Patagonia can stack up remains to be seen.

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At the core of any workwear line is the pant. Patagonia offers the Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants for men and women. For anyone who has worn Carhartt double-knee dungarees, these should look pretty familiar, although the fabric is different.

They retail for $80, which is about $30 more than a comparable, USA-made Carhartt.

Patagonia Launches Workwear In 'Iron Forged' Hemp Canvas
Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Double Knee Pants for men, left, and women

At the high end of the price range for the line sits the men’s and women’s Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Barn Coat. Both cost $200.

Made from the same burly material, these coats have 92 percent recycled polyester insulation, YKK zippers, and doubled fabric panels on the shoulders to increase durability and add comfort while carrying loads.

Patagonia Launches Workwear In 'Iron Forged' Hemp Canvas
Patagonia Women’s Barn Coat

Beyond these key pieces Patagonia sells shirts, totes, hats, and sweaters in the workwear line.

Not everything gets the hemp treatment. The men’s Fog Cutter Sweater, for example, is 70 percent recycled wool, 25 percent recycled nylon, and 5 percent other fiber. It costs $100.

The women’s Tin Shed Jacket, $150, is made of polyester with a fleece lining and DWR-treated face fabric.

Patagonia Launches Workwear In 'Iron Forged' Hemp Canvas
Women’s Tin Shed Jacket, left, and men’s Fog Cutter Sweater

We’ve yet to test any of the new line. It’s an interesting direction for Patagonia. Workwear is a large market, but it remains to be seen if America’s craftsmen and women will open their wallets a little more for an established player in a new game.

Learn more and check out the line at Patagonia.

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