Eduardo Garcia podacast
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Podcast: Eduardo Garcia: How a 1-in-a-Million Accident Leads to a 1-in-a-Million Life

Eduardo Garcia podacast
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Eduardo Garcia: How a 1-in-a-Million Accident Leads to a 1-in-a-Million Life

A lightning strike is more likely than the freak accident that took away months of Eduardo Garcia’s life and most of his left arm. But that fateful accident also left something behind: a second chance.

If you haven’t seen the award-winning film “Charged,” watch it before listening to this podcast. The remarkable documentary tracks chef Eduardo Garcia before, during, and after a near-impossible accident in which he unwittingly touched a live, exposed electrical junction box.

After 2,400 V entered and exited his body in an instant, Garcia was left on the brink of death. But that story, told so well in the film, was just the beginning.

Garcia sat down with us to talk about survival and life after both the initial struggle and surprising fame have abated. Garcia now works with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, owns his own food brand (shout out to Montana Mex), and travels for speaking engagements (see his TED Talk here). He’s also an avid outdoorsman in the hunt, fish, run, hike, and surf spaces. Oh, and he hosts a cooking series.

Clearly, nearly dying hasn’t put a stop to his living. That’s the story Garcia wants to share — and it’s a great listen. If you learn nothing else from this episode, remember to up your Cinco de Mayo game: Buy a tortilla press and some heirloom corn and make your own tortillas — Eduardo said so.

Recorded April 8, 2021