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Vote: Polaris to Crown Top Outdoor Rural Town

In honor of the 1 millionth Ranger off the line, Polaris is looking for the most hard-working rural community in America.

Vote: Polaris to Crown Top Outdoor Rural Town

Call it blue collar, call it country, just don’t call it “flyover.” Polaris wants you to vote for “Ranger Country USA,” a rural town defined by its farmers, ranchers, hunters, and “all around hard-working Americans.”

Five communities are in the running, with the winning town receiving a
“Ranger Country” naming party and “an undisclosed donation.” Every voter is entered into the grand prize giveaway for a Ranger XP 1000 utility vehicle.

Vote: Polaris to Crown Top Outdoor Rural Town: Polaris Ranger xp 1000

Polaris ‘Ranger Country USA’

The five towns in the running are Spring Creek, Nev., Darlington, Wisc., Stephenville, Texas, Corning, Ark., and Pinedale, Wyo.

These five towns, according to Polaris, embody tireless work, dependability, dedication to community, uncompromising love for the outdoors, and a drive to do more.

Vote: Polaris to Crown Top Outdoor Rural Town

Polaris helped produce short video pitches for each town and asks voters to watch them before voting. And, whether it’s fishing, hunting, horseback riding, or hiking, they all embrace outdoor pursuits.

Voting runs through today, Dec. 18th. So if you have a favorite rural town, or if you just want to win a Polaris off-road vehicle, go vote now.

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