Pop (Way) Up: Apparel Store Hands Out Gear On Cliff Face

The brand 37.5 opened the ‘World’s Most Remote Pop-Up’ on Eldorado Canyon’s Bastille Wall, 300 feet above the deck.

37.5 cliffside shop visitor

Nothing’s worse than realizing you left your rain jacket at home as the clouds roll in. Well, maybe realizing it while you’re clipped in, 300 feet off the ground.

But for two days in Eldorado Canyon, climbers had nothing to worry about. Cocona, makers of 37.5 fabric, launched the Cliffside Shop, a pop-up outfitter perched along the Bastille Wall.

Cliffside Shop by 37.5

August 3rd and 4th, Dave Bywater, a 37.5 employee and 11-year climbing ranger in Grand Teton National Park, handed out gear to climbers who stopped by.

37.5 cliffside shop visitor

He handed out Adidas, Rab, and Point6 gear made with 37.5 tech at no cost. The stunt was a promotion for 37.5 products, but it was a unique approach, and it served a cause.

37.5 cliffside shop visitor

Bywater and Cocona spread the word to climbers about its partner non-profits: the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, and Access Committee for Eldorado (ACE). Cocona also donated $5,000 to each organization to replace aging anchors.

37.5 cliffside shop visitorColorado Mountain School rigged the shop on a Black Diamond portaledge along the Outer Space pitch. And 37.5 decked it out with a scrim to mimic a pop-up shop.

According to 37.5’s executive vice president of marketing, Christy Raedeke, the shop gave out gear to around 70 climbers.

“Our intention was to get climbers to feel the wider range of comfort that 37.5 gives you, not to make money on a transaction,” she said.

Did you miss the shop? Stay tuned, Raedeke left the door open for another “hang out.”

“Don’t assume you won’t see it again!” she told us. “It was really fun… Who knows where the Pop-Up shop will pop up next?”

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