Video: ‘Packing It Out’ Cleans the Pacific Crest Trail

This summer, two young Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers are picking up trash as they go, up to 1,000 pounds of cleared litter a goal during the multi-month trip.

Called the ‘Packing It Out’ project, two men in their early 20s are two months into the PCT hike, a 2,560-mile journey from Mexico to Canada, through deserts, mountains, and forests. This video gives a glimpse at what it’s like to hike day in and day out, picking up the trash they see along the way.

packing it out desert
Photo by Wild Confluence Media

The original GearJunkie video, shot by Wild Confluence Media, and in partnership with REI, offers a ‘day in the life’ of the Packing It Out team along a desert section in California.

‘Packing It Out’

Seth ‘Cap’ Orme and Paul ‘Spice’ Twedt (pictured below) are the founders of the ‘Packing It Out’ initiative, which they formed in 2014 in preparation of a trash-clearing hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Photo by Wild Confluence Media

The initiative’s mission statement, to inspire a greater sense of environmental stewardship within our communities by raising awareness for litter conditions along America’s trails, is a testimony to how the two friends hope to encourage and inspire others to do their part in cleaning local and national hiking trails.

–Follow the duo’s progress on our ‘Packing It Out’ page. To date, the group has hiked 1,157 miles from the U.S./Mexico border to Donner Summit near Truckee, Calif. Connect with Seth and Paul on InstagramTwitter, and their blog.

Pacific Crest Trail map
At left, trash collected along the trail (2015 photo); Pacific Crest Trail map (right)