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20 Gifts For The Outdoor Dad

Whether your old man tames mountain lions and strikes matches against his stubble, or drives a minivan and can’t tell the North Star from a street lamp, we’ve got a gift guide for father that’s sure to equip him for fun in the outdoors.

Hydration (Beer) – YETI Hopper Two 30

First things first – having proper fluids and keeping them cool is an integral duty for any respectable outdoor dad. YETI has staked its reputation on making high-quality coolers that can take a pounding for days in the wild without forcing you to drink warm beer. Give dad’s back a break with the Hopper Two 30, the most portable soft-side option. $300.

Hydration (Water) – Avex Freeflow Autoseal

Men drink beer, but REAL men know the key to long-lasting adventure is having the most basic, primal substance Earth – no, not steak – water. We’ve been using the Avex Freeflow Autoseal water bottle on our excursions and it is worth its weight in the steel it’s made from. The lockable leak-stop button means dad won’t waste a drop of H2O between brewskies, and the insulated shell really does keep water cold for 12 hours – even in the sun. $37.

Organization – Tacky Fly Box

Fly fishing dads are always looking for a new way to keep flies organized, and Tacky Fly Fishing came up with a great solution with a silicone material that is “tacky” and thus holds flies fast. Go over the top and fill it with some nymphs, adams, caddis and copper johns before you gift wrap it and any angler will be thrilled. $25.

A Place To Rest – Helinox Chair One

We’ve been using the Helinox Chair One for four years, and for a compact, light product that you might even consider carrying on a hike, it is remarkable. This comfy camp chair weighs just 1.9 pounds and is easy to stow in the car for unexpected lounging needs. It’s been durable and much loved by our crew, and we bet dad will love one too. $99

Drawers – Pair of Thieves Underwear

We’d be remiss in helping you build the perfect outdoor dad if we didn’t mention his unmentionables. Trekking through the bush and tackling crags requires support. After a thorough testing, we’d recommend a Pair of Thieves underwear. These performance fabric undies wick moisture and provide breathability, while providing ample carriage. The company sums it up saying a pair will feel like pops is wearing a basketball jersey under his pantaloons. For extra style, get the uber fashionable floral print $20.

Pants – ExOfficio BugsAway Sandfly Pants

Bug bites can be miserable. Thankfully, ExOfficio’s BugsAway Sandfly pants actually repel insects. With Insect Shield technology woven into the fabric, they will keep the bugs away for 70 washes. Plus, dad doesn’t have to douse himself in DEET. We’ve tested these in Brazilian jungle, in Peru, and Minnesota’s north woods; they’re awesome. With these, dad can lead the adventure with a minimum of bug-bite-related cursing along the way. $80.

Light – Coast Polysteel 600

If Dad is outdoorsy, he probably has a headlamp already. But there’s something awesome about a powerful, compact flashlight for really splitting through the darkness. We’ve used the Polysteel 600 as a go-to light for two years, and it’s a reliable, powerful focusing beam. The 620 lumens focus out to 767 feet, and it has a very useful low setting that burns for 34 hours, and wide angle throw for use close to camp. $48.

Power – EnerPlex Jumper Stack 6

Manly men work with their hands and need only basic tools. MODERN manly men also use their hands, but are intelligent enough to embrace technology and work smarter, not harder. Help dad stay charged and stay safe on his next outing with the portable charging station that fits in his pocket – the EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 6. This clever battery can work alone and keep dad’s phone and headlamp charged, or can be magnetically “stacked” with other Jumprs to double or triple the output. $60.

Tools – Leatherman Wave

The hallmark of a true manly dad is his MacGyver factor. Nothing equips dad for any situation like a good multi-tool, and nothing is more synonymous with the world of multi-tools than Leatherman. The Wave puts 17 tools in the palm of dad’s meaty paw – all for under $100 and just over 8 ounces. $91.

Tools – Opinel Carbon Blade No. 8

The Opinel No. 8 is proof you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a useful camp knife. At $12, this pocket knife is ready to slice up dinner or whittle a fire stick. It has a great palm swell, meaning it grips comfortably during use, and will be a solid companion for years of use.

Footwear – KEEN Versatrail

Under every great dad is a great pair of shoes, and no matter where he journeys, he’s going to need something to get him there. KEEN is tried and true when it comes to traipsing over mud, rock, dust, and whatever else your pops is hiking. We’ve tested the Versatrail and loved its light weight and cushion on hard, pokey surfaces – and it’s a great go-anywhere hiker for the price. $120.

Sleep – Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper SV

Nowhere does it say that a real man’s man can’t have a comfortable night’s sleep. Keep your old man well-rested and packing light on his next getaway with this (surprisingly) convenient air mattress. We played with Therm-A-Rest’s speedvalve product line and can confirm that dad will be able to fully inflate this sleeping pad with five breaths. The NeoAir Camper SV offers a little more padding and support than the other speedvalve options and weighs in at just over 2 pounds. Starting at $140.

Pack – REI Flash 65

Like a true champion, dad will bear the load whether he’s out alone or hiking with the family. Make the burden just a little easier with REI’s 65-liter hiking pack. The Flash 65 helps lift the load and keep it against the back, making toting the pack more comfortable and at under 4 pounds, the bag itself won’t add to the heft. Plus, it’s compatible with the Flash 18 (sold separately) allowing for additional carrying capacity. $200.

Warmth – Sea To Summit Spark SP 1

For colder nights under the stars, dad will need to cocoon. Assuming he won’t be curling up in bison hide, you can set him up in the nearly-as-manly Sea to Summit Spark SP 1 ultralight sleeping bag. It’s perfect for summer nights, can be slipped inside another bag for truly frigid evenings, and weighs less than a pound. $319.

Tools – Hults Bruk Hand-Made Hatchet

We tested this 16″ hatchet, which is forged by hand in Sweden, over the last two years. It is exceptional. The Hults Bruk Almike comes from the factory razor sharp, and slices small logs easily. This is an heirloom piece, and should last through decades of hard use, but does come with a high-end price of $149.

Comfort – Moosejaw Secret Agent Tee

OK, sometimes being a real man is about just looking really cool. Moosejaw’s Made-in-the-USA Secret Agent Tee is 100% cotton and a classic slice of Americana manliness. Send pop out into the wilds and put nature on notice – Man Crossing. $20.

Style – G.H. Bass & Co.
Moc II Ranger Boot

For the dad that’s as capable outdoors as in the office, the G.H. Bass & Co. Moc II Ranger offers a splash-ready sole for the trails and a sharp leather upper and insole for the onlookers. A great gift idea for the dad who needs to look like an alpha in the city, too. $160. G.H. Bass & Co. is offering an exclusive offer for GJ – 20% off sitewide for Father’s Day, with code BASSJUNKIE.

Safety – SPOT Gen3 GPS Tracker

If there’s one thing that can be said of every man, it’s that at some point he will get lost. And if he’s truly manly, he won’t ask for help. Fortunately, the SPOT Gen3, the most portable soft-side option, was made for just those situations! This clip-on device provides the rest of the family peace of mind with real-time tracking updates of his whereabouts, plus push-button status updates he can use to notify everyone he’s OK, or to ask for help in non life-threatening situations. If he’s really in a pickle, the SPOT Gen3 is also equipped with an S.O.S. button that notifies emergency responders of his location. Starts at $170.

Socks – Showers Pass Crosspoint WP

All men are created equal; nowhere more so than their feet. If dad’s feet are not comfortable (read dry and warm) his next adventure will not be more than a short trip around the block. Showers Pass makes waterproof, anti-microbial, breathable socks for myriad outdoor activities, but their niche is cycling. The Crosspoint WP socks will keep out the damp and grit of rainy roads, and bring dad home happy (and manly) after miles of riding. $35. Photo Courtesy @BicycleNation

Shelter – Tepui Car Top Tent

At $900 and up to around $2,000, a rooftop tent is a big investment and a major splurge. But if you’ll be the one sharing said tent, let’s just say you’ll be pleased, too. We’ve tested the Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized model, and fallen in love with the design. If buying as a gift, keep in mind you’ll need to mount this heavy tent with a high-quality rack system, so contact the company with questions first.

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