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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Airless, Puncture-Proof Tires

No air, no tubes, no flats. The Nexo and Ever tires are not another solid rubber tire; these are a silicone plastic polymer that is lighter, uses less material, and is easier to recycle than rubber. The Nexo tires can be added to existing clincher rims, while the Ever tires are lighter and last longer, up to 5,000 miles.

Collapsible Charcoal Chimney

Heat up to 40 briquettes at the campsite in a foldable charcoal starter, the latest addition to the “Swiss-army knife of grills.” CampMaid’s Charcoal Chimney works as part of a complete “Grab-and-Go” cooking system that includes a separately sold grill, kickstand, dutch oven, and charcoal holder.

Inflatable Waterproof Luggage

Why a luggage bag that inflates? The CAPSULA‘s valve lets you blow a cushion of protective air around your packed valuables. Plus, because the modular bag and its inserts are airtight, you can be sure they’re waterproof, too. Best of all, in the event of a water landing, yours will be the luggage that’s conveniently floating beside you.

Survival Kit In A Knife

Collect rain water, field dress wounds, start a fire, build a snare, and more using just a knife. The MSK-1 by Ultimate Survival Tips has a mini-survival kit packed into the handle, fire steel on the pommel, and a customizable sheath that can carry extra tools and essentials.

All-American Bike

A bicycle that is designed, hand-built, and painted in the USA using American-made steel, the limited-release Slim Chance is a modern take on the original 1991 model. Pre-orders for the $2,400 True Temper OX Platinum steel frameset, built by Fat Chance, will be accepted until Nov. 15th–after that, they’re gone.

Submersible Bluetooth Speaker

Certified to survive water submersion for up to two days, the Corbett Mini bluetooth speaker is meant to withstand outdoor abuse. The rechargeable, buoyant speaker weighs about 12 oz., comes with a lanyard, and is predrilled for mounting / hanging options. Micro SD compatible to play your music library.

Lighter, Lantern, Flashlight Combo

An adjustable flashlight with up to 150 lumens, hanging lantern, and plasma lighter all in the palm of your hand. The $50 Sparkr helps you light (and warm) the night using a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 16 hours (low setting; 4 hours on high).

Simple, Secure Hydration

Run and bike without the hassle, shifting load, and coverage of a hydration pack or vest. The Koala Bottle lumbar hydration belt, $65, uses a magnetic ring and clasp to firmly hold a water bottle. Includes water-resistant cell phone compartment and mesh pockets.

Waterproof, Reflective Denim

Who says jean jacket aren’t practical, or cool… or waterproof? The Stay Dry line of jean jackets, blazers, and vests from Dish & DUER are treated for water and dirt repellency, and have reflective stitching, zippered pockets, temperature control properties, and shoulder gussets for most outdoor conditions.

New Spin On Classic Heritage Packs

Duluth-based Frost River releases an exclusive line of black waxed-canvas packs for sale through Askov Finlayson. The flight bag, rolltop backpack, small accessory bag, travel kit, can insulator, and briefcase (pictured, $286) are water-resistant and handmade in Minnesota.

SLR iPhone Remote

Control your digital SLR camera using your phone. The Pulse by Alpine Labs lets you take stills, video, and timelapse, controlling shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. The $100 Pulse attachment has a bluetooth range up to 100 feet and is compatible with iOS and Android.

Hipsters’ Dream Jersey

Turn the ironic up to 11 with the God and Famous “Idiocracy” cycling kit. Featuring brands like America Online, Crystal Pepsi, LaserDisc, and Napster, this jersey gives a much-deserved nod (and perplexed head shake) to the ’90s.

Portable Recyclable Shower

Take a hot, 20-minute shower using just 3 liters of water, partly filtered and recycled. The one-person, pop-up everSHOWER packs down into a 20″ x 20″ x 6″ carrying case, and can pump from a fresh-water source or recycle a limited supply.

Retractable Boot Cleats

Activate metal spikes recessed within your boot soles with the flip of a switch. Gripforce boots rely on a patented, multi-state outsole. When in “on mode” the sole becomes flexible and allows the wearer’s weight to push the cleats against ground, providing traction. In “off mode” the sole is rigid and the cleats remain retracted.

Infinity Dial Lantern

Hang it from a tree or stand it on a picnic table, the Madrona+ camping lantern by UCO adjusts to your needs. An “infinity dial” works like a fine-tuning dimmer switch that goes up to 300 lumens. Available January 2017.


Recycled Plastic, Cotton Sport Tees

Eight plastic bottles and discarded cotton scrap from industrial knitters and sewers make up every Recover shirt. The company’s eco-friendly manufacturing processes use less water and energy, and produce fewer greenhouse gases. We’ve worn some samples and can attest that the garments feel as soft as traditional cotton.

Modular Adventure Photography Pack System

Full customizability and upgradability are the key to Mountainsmith’s T.A.N. series packs. Short for “Tough As Nails,” the T.A.N. packs were designed with renowned photographer Chris Burkard and include a line of small, medium, and large “cube” packs, each of which fit into the Tanuck 40L backpack.

Merino Everyday Wear

A relatively new player in the merino game, Woolly Clothing sells t-shirts and “performance polos” that are designed for every-day wear, travel, and light activity. Each is made of a thin merino that breathes, looks sharp, and does not itch.

Flannel With Outdoor Style

Amerian-made, “shacket”-friendly flannel with a little extra outdoor flare. The Elli collection by Pladra features artistic wildlife inlays on the collar and sleeves, and retails for $119. Made from 140g brushed Portuguese flannel.

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