Skier Survives 300-Foot Fall Off Cliff

An Australian skier had the ride of his life after he slipped out of bounds at Grand Targhee Resort in Wyoming. He ended up tumbling nearly 1,000 feet, including over a 300-foot cliff.

James Garner, 28, from Sydney, Australia, walked away from the incident without any injuries, according to the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Garner slipped under the out-of-bounds rope to snap a scenic selfie overlooking the Tetons. What he didn’t expect was the cornice he was standing on to give way, triggering a slide that carried him several hundred feet and over ledges before ejecting him off a cliff fittingly named “Aussie Drop.”

Amazingly, Garner was able to walk away from the 300-foot free fall unscathed. He insisted he was fine when picked up by the ski patrol but was still transported to Teton Valley Hospital, where there were no visible injuries reported.

The only damage? He did get a citation for going out of bounds. But he now has one hell of a story to bring home.

Although he was not wearing a GoPro to record his trip (and never got to snap his selfie for us to see), we can imagine his tumble looked similar to Jamie Pierre’s drop off a 255-foot cliff on the backside of Targhee a few years ago. It also doesn’t go as planned, but it ends a lot better than you might expect.

Eric Lemke

Eric is a contributing writer based in Bozeman, MT. An avid climber, mountain biker, backpacker, and snowboarder, he earned his degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. When not living the GearJunkie life, he can be found exploring the Montana backcountry.