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Revant Wants to Be the Last Sunglasses You Ever Buy

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Revant Optics launches its first performance sunglasses collection today on Kickstarter. We joined the brand a few weeks ago in Sedona, Ariz., to test the new shades out while trail running and mountain biking.

Revant Optics review

Portland, Oregon-based Revant Optics began in 2010 with the concept of keeping performance eyewear out of the landfill. It launched the brand with replacement lenses for many brands of sunglasses, and all prescription frames, in a wide variety of lens styles. Its goal was to keep sunglasses out of landfills.

With eight years in business and more than half a million customers, Revant is ready to disrupt the eyewear market once again with its own line of performance sunglasses.

Revant Optics: Repairable Sunglasses

The Revant Optics Kickstarter campaign launched today with three new pairs of performance sunglasses. The campaign runs through May 23. Beginning in June, the sunglasses will be sold directly through RevantOptics.com.

Revant Optics review

The idea behind these new shades is simple: one pair, one life. What that means is performance-oriented sunglasses with every part repairable, recyclable, and warrantied.

Revant Optics Review

Revant Optics review

Revant sunglasses are super comfortable, lightweight, and designed for active outdoor adventures. At first glance, these sunglasses don’t outwardly scream “quality.” When you look closer, though, you quickly realize how unique and impressive they are. And Revant’s design choices make sense.

The injection molded Revant frames are crazy durable and don’t require any paint or coating. Paint on sunglasses frames tends to chip, peel, and fade due to sweat and UV exposure.

A screw-less hinge design makes field repairs super easy. The temple sleeves and nose pads are made of Revant’s proprietary “MaxGrip” material, which is antimicrobial and super grippy whether wet or dry.

Revant Optics review

I have great eyesight and always get a headache when I use sunglasses with poor-quality lenses. This is not an issue for Revant, as they have the lens game locked down. The entire Revant collection has polarized lenses with 100 percent UV protection and ANSI Z87.1 impact protection. The brand claims they are also optically correct.

What that adds up to is crystal clear vision in a wide variety of conditions while protecting your eyes from the elements.

Revant Sunglass Models (Retail $155)

There is a method this sunglass line’s letter-and-number combo naming madness. The first letter refers to the style, the number indicates the version of that style, and the second letter is the frame size. For example: The S2L is a large-framed version of the second shield style on offer.

Revant F1L

Revant Optics F1L

The Revant F1L offers the most protection and light blockage of the three frames. It fits my long, narrow face and big nose while also offering a clean, sporty style perfect for nearly any occasion. While the Revant F1L is a performance-oriented sunglass, it does move around a bit on the nose when running and fogs up quicker than the other designs.

Revant S1L

Revant S1L

The Revant S1L is the highest-performance frame of the three and is insanely lightweight – only 25 grams! The super minimal frame has a unique heightened nose bridge, offering superior ventilation. These shades are very unlikely to fog up on you. The Revant S1L is also one of the most secure pairs of sunglasses I’ve ever worn – suitable for even the most intense activities.

Revant S2L

Revant S2L

The Revant S2L offers the widest field of view and a bold design. These sunglasses are perfect for cycling, where unobstructed wide views, even in an aero body position, are key. The Revant S2L is also extremely secure on the face and very comfortable, even when worn with a variety of helmet styles.

Important Details

  • Revant’s Max Care Lifetime Guarantee gets you 20 percent off all lenses for life, 30 percent off new frames if yours are lost, and a 60-day risk-free try-on for first-time buyers.
  • All parts on all Revant sunglasses are replaceable forever, and recyclable if damaged.
  • All the frames are made in southern California, and most of the lenses are custom cut in Portland.
  • The S1L and F1L frames are available with prescription lenses.

Revant Optics: A Competitive Choice

While I love my Smith Guide’s Choice and Costa Blackfin sunglasses, I have to admit that Revant sunglasses are better in nearly every way. My Smith Guide’s Choice pair has scratched lenses – something Revant could help me fix – and peeling frames. My Costa Blackfin pair has loose screw-style hinges and is very heavy due to its incredible glass optics.

Revant sunglasses’ optical clarity, light weight, secure fit, and comfort have won me over. Also taking into account the reparability, impressive warranty, and professional customer service, Revant is sure to make an impact on the eyewear market.

You’ll find me kicking around town or driving down the road in the Revant F1L, as I love the style. When I’m out on the trail it is hard to beat the Revant S1L, as they are insanely light and extremely secure on your face.

I’d been to the Sedona area many times but never managed to get out on the mountain bike trails. After this trip, I can verify that the hype is justified. The trails around Sedona are world class. Now that I know, you’ll find me visiting with my bike more often.

Now grab some high-quality sunglasses and get outside. We’ll see you on the trail!

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