Best Workout Headphones: Under Armour True Wireless Review

Under Armour’s True Wireless Flash are the best headphones for workouts in 2020, according to our tester. Read on for the complete review.

Big battery life, durable construction, and heavy waterproofing make these great for any workout, yet the comfort, sound quality, and added features are why they’re the best.

At 8 g, the Under Armour True Wireless Flash are heaviest wireless earbuds in our test (and protrude farthest outside the ear canal). But they fit well, with nicely shaped fin options to hold them in place outside the ear canal.

The relative heft actually adds some reassurance that they’re in place during runs when the mind tends to wander.

under armour true wireless flash

These produce enough low-end bass for fans of dance or hip-hop, and the slightly higher sounds of an actual bass guitar aren’t drowned out by other instruments. Best of all, the fit never produced a muffled sound.

These will last 5 hours before they need a recharge in the case, which can store up to 20 hours of juice according to Under Armour.

The biggest knock we could find was in activating the earbuds. At times, we had to turn off the phone’s Bluetooth to reconnect rather than the simple motion of holding the earbud for 3 seconds. It’s not a huge deal, but other earbuds will connect immediately when lifted out of their charging case.

We rated these so highly without considering the price. At $150 on Amazon right now, these are a great value and are contributing to the recent price drops among many of the brands early to the earbud market.

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