biolite basecharge 1500 charging up electronics
The BioLite BaseCharge 1500; (photo/Mary Murphy)

BioLite Unveils BaseCharge Power Station to Compete With the Big Boys

The BioLite BaseCharge solar-friendly power station aims toward the company’s mission: ‘to empower people & protect our planet.’

This just in: Van lifers are now experiencing zero shortage of portable power options. What was once an uncharted landscape that demanded DIY wiring challenges or “knowing a guy” is now a growing market of consumer products.

Now, BioLite joins the fracas with a power box in two wattages plus a solar array.

biolite basecharge
The BioLite BaseCharge 1500 (left) and 600; (image/BioLite)

You can plug the BaseCharge 1500 or 600 into a solar panel, so you’ll never have to plug in for a recharge as long as the sun keeps shining. The 100W panel effectively makes the system a self-contained generator.

The panel folds down into four segments for storage, and onboards USB-A and USB-C ports for direct charging. (Don’t worry, the power station is compatible with all 12V solar panels, not just the brand’s own.)

And since the 1500 unit can handle up to 400W of solar power, you can daisy-chain up to four solar panels together for maximum recharging.

biolite basecharge solar
The four-panel solar panel unit; (image/BioLite)

BioLite BaseCharge Utility and Features

What can you do with the rechargeable, portable BaseCharge rig? Run your Dometic fridge, lighting setups, coffee grinder, “and more,” BioLite said, as well as charge your devices. Wireless charging via Qi is onboard, too.

Users can keep track of critical stats like power allocation, charge times, and battery life with the “Smart” dashboard, which can monitor multiple devices at once. The message center serves to transmit updates, status, and errors that may come up. If you overexert the system’s surge capacity, for example, it’ll tell you so.

An “Energy Odometer” counts up the watt-hours the system consumes. Users can source it to either simply measure their stats, or to keep better track of their consumption habits.

A 12-point safety system can help charge devices and appliances with confidence, though finer details weren’t available as of this writing. Recall the surge protection messaging: we wouldn’t be surprised to find more safeguards like it.

Availability & MSRP

the biolite BaseCharge power station unit with the display off, charging through an AC adapter
(Photo/Mary Murphy)

Finally, BioLite plugs the units as “intuitive for all users” with their straightforward array of outlets and ports. MSRP: $688 for the BaseCharge 600, $1,699 for the BaseCharge 1500.

We will put the BaseCharge to the test to see how it stacks up against industry powerhouses like Goal Zero, Dometic, EcoFlow, and more.

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