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Holy Roller! 22 MPH Electric Longboard


A paved path stretches ahead, and I hit the accelerator control in my hand. The board under my feet whirs, wheels spinning to life, and I brace to rocket off on a ride from the future.

Boosted Boards have high-power electric motors and can roll for miles between charge-ups. Built with top-end materials and parts, they don’t come cheap, at $999 and up.

Boosted Boosted Dual+ model

But for the cost you get what is among the coolest toys on the market. It’s so fun my friends and I fight over who gets the next ride.

Granted, this is not a children’s plaything — the board I am testing, the 2,000-watt Dual+ model, can go from zero to 22mph in seconds.

On/off button, charging port, electronic guts of the board

Its range is around 6 miles between plug-ins to refill the battery. In testing, at top speed I regularly passed bikers on a commuter trail. The weird looks and stunned comments from pedestrians only added to the fun.

Boosted markets its boards for enjoyment as well as utility. They are bona fide city vehicles and an alternative to a bike. They make trips on smooth pavement to commute or run errands almost as effortless as standing still.

The boards even have brakes. The remote, which has a trigger and an acceleration wheel, gives control to speed up and slow down.

Two-part trigger system on remote

Or you can max it out. You can carve swooping turns on descents and (get this) on ascents as well. The motor is so powerful you’ll want a helmet and pads.

Boosted sells three models, with the $999 version coming to market this month. Its top model goes for $1,499, which is pricey but on par with a nice city bike.

Fat wheels to carve

Caveats? The boards are built tough but Boosted does not recommend hopping curbs. At 15 pounds, it’s a heavy ride, too.

Also, the board is not waterproof — leave it at home when there’s rain or you can damage the electronics and battery.

Finally, I want to emphasize safety during the Boosted experience. It’s easy to cruise and forget just how fast Newtonian physics can apply if you hit a crack.

About to pass a biker on the Midtown Greenway Bike Path in Minneapolis

Pay attention, and know how to control this board. I have long-boarded for years so the learning curve was quick — my balance and ability to carve were key to controlling the electrified ride.


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