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Small Box, Big Watts: EcoFlow RIVER mini Answers Power Needs on the Go

EcoFlow releases a small but mighty power brick designed to deliver fast charge times.

Laptops, cameras, headlamps, phones — if you are a student, like to travel, or simply play outdoors, chances are these digital toys come along for the ride. A small, reliable power source is a new everyday carry.

Good news for those on the go. EcoFlow just launched the RIVER mini power station. This small-but-mighty power brick can charge up to eight devices at once and can recharge from stone cold to 80% in just an hour.

Hard-charging through life? Keep power at hand with your new sidekick.

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EcoFlow Power Stations

The lithium-ion battery pack has surged into the mainstream adventure kit over the past decade. The relatively new power player, EcoFlow, put its stamp in the amps with the DELTA power station. The smallest in the DELTA lineup, the DELTA mini, can power up a mobile media army and is a good option for car camping and around the home power supply.

But the heavy watts weigh in at the size of a small cooler, which makes the power bank comparably less portable. EcoFlow’s RIVER mini comes in at the size of a brick — about 25% smaller than the competition — making it a compelling choice for those who need power without the bulk.

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EcoFlow RIVER mini Specs

Price: $349
Weight: 2.8 kg (6.2 lb.)
Size: 9 in. x 5.5 in. x 5.2 in.
Capacity: 210 Wh
Power output: 300 W (can power 90% of consumer electronics and small appliances*)
Fast charge time: 80% in one hr. 100% in 1.6 hr. (300W input)
Solar charge time: 3-6 hr. in full sunlight
Solar inputs: 11-75 V; 10 A; 300W maximum

*The RIVER mini can support up to 600W appliances when used with the brand’s X-Boost technology.

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EcoFlow RIVER mini Charging Times

One of the biggest shortcomings of a portable power source is the time it takes to recharge them. Recharging a depleted power station typically takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. This implies that the grab-and-go power source probably needs to be plugged in the night before.

Short on time? EcoFlow built the RIVER mini to recharge from zero to 80% charge in just a single hour. Can you spare another 30 minutes? It’s designed to reach a full charge in 1.6 hours.

Of course, if you’ve gotta get on the road, you can recharge the RIVER mini through your car’s port. A full charge from the car takes about 3.5 hours, according to EcoFlow.

Off the grid and in the field, the RIVER mini can leverage solar. But it will take a little longer. Depending on cloud coverage, it will top off anywhere between 3 to 6 hours.

This is a fraction of the time it takes competing power sources to recharge and makes the RIVER mini a true standout in the field.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

Neon hits and luggy handles be gone. The RIVER mini powers with cool, unassuming swagger. The matte black finish is matched with subtle curves that literally take the edge off this power brick.

On the front, the RIVER mini outputs power through four USB ports (including a Type C for the latest Macbook Pro or iPad), two “Anywhere AC” ports, and a single DC port for your car. Cutting the cord, the RIVER mini has a 15W wireless charger for the phone.

You can simultaneously charge up to eight devices, making the RIVER mini a compelling mobile office for the digital nomad.

Ecoflow River Mini at a camp site with two people

Power and Output

About the size of a brick, the RIVER mini weighs in just over 6 pounds. Backpackers will probably want something lighter, but its compact profile is about 25% smaller than competing power banks, making the RIVER mini ideal for students, travelers, or mobile professionals who need to power up when away from an outlet.

The 300W rating allows you to charge most consumer electronics like your phone, laptop, or drone. If you need to squeeze more juice, the X-Boost mode can spike the charge to 600W, which is capable of charging smaller appliances, like your refrigerator or desktop computer.

Quiet Cool

It’s physics, really. Putting out watts churns out heat. To keep the station from overheating, power stations have a fan. The downside is that fans on more powerful stations tend to hum loudly.

But that’s not the case with the RIVER mini. Running and recharging whispers at around 40 dB. For those who don’t track decibels, this sits in the “barely audible range” — like what you might hear in a library.

So go ahead and set up camp at your local coffee shop. Both you and your table neighbors can enjoy your lattes.

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