Drones To Dog Mounts… 12 Must-Have Accessories For Your GoPro

You’ve got a GoPro and have shot some video. Now take it to the next level with accessories to store gear, get better shots, and protect your investment.

GoPro Fetch ($60) — Your best four-legged friend could be the next viral sensation. Just hook your canine companion up with a GoPro mounted on the Fetch, and then release the hound! GoPro gold is (not exactly) guaranteed.

Brunton Go All Day Battery Pack ($50) — GoPros are great cameras, but the battery life can be pretty short, especially in cold weather. The Brunton All Day device is a 4,000 MaH battery that integrates onto an existing GoPro camera case and extends the life up to four times beyond a standard GoPro battery. It works with HERO3+ GoPro models, and it’s housed in a water- and shock-proof case. It comes with a cable to power other devices when the GoPro is not in use.

DJI Phantom II (from $580) — Yeah, they’re a little controversial. No, you can’t use them in National Parks. But hot damn drones capture some amazing footage! The DJI Phantom II is a popular model among videographers. The lightweight quadcopter has a GoPro mount on the bottom for a perfect high-angle vantage. Add in a rad GPS position hold feature that helps autopilot the device for stationary shots and an app that allows remote viewing and you’ve got one powerful tool.

SANDMARC Pole – Metal Edition ($50) — This aluminum pole extends from 17” to 40” to capture you in all your shredding glory. Just attach a GoPro to the end and let the video-selfie magic roll.

GoPro Head Strap Mount ($20) — This is a versatile mount that can be worn over a helmet, hat or right on your head. Once in place it is secure and keeps the camera pointed right where you look. A must-have for those who don’t want a permanent mount on their helmets.

Incase Mono Kit ($40) — Once you’ve extracted a GoPro form its dubious clear plastic display case, good luck ever re-packing all the parts back in the container. Just give up immediately and get a well engineered pack from Incase. The Mono Kit carries everything that ships with a GoPro Hero 3 and keeps it organized and protected. The company makes models for multiple cameras, too.

GoPro Chesty Chest Harness ($40) — This secure mounting device keeps your GoPro safe and shooting from an interesting vantage point in the middle of your chest for super immersive shots.

SP Gadgets Solid POV Camera Case 3.0 Of course there are several models of carry cases available for GoPros. This one from SP Gadgets stores extra batteries, LCD screen, cables and battery pack.

Joby Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod Mount your GoPro (or other small cameras) nearly anywhere with this inexpensive magnetic tripod. Flexible joints allow it to bend and rotate 360°, and its foot grips are secure on most surfaces.

Steadicam Smoothie ($150) — Ditch the camera shake and take your video to the next level. This device makes your video look so much better by smoothing out the bumps and vibration, resulting in a steady shot.

Monoprice Camera Skate Dolly ($26) — A solid aluminum dolly will provide smooth, low-angle shots to add a creative touch to your video-making. It has a 1/4” mounting point for ball joints, extension arms, and other camera mounts.

K-Edge Go Big Pro ($50) — This handlebar mount locks your GoPro camera in front of your handlebar for a clean shot out of your vision and away from your hands. The two bolt clamp system attaches to the oversized 31.8mm diameter portion of the handlebar near the stem.

Sean McCoy

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