Flotation For Your GoPro

In the quest to remain the “world’s most versatile HD camera,” GoPro this week unveiled an accessory called the “Floaty Backdoor.” It is an attachment for GoPro’s popular line of waterproof helmet cams that acts as a mini life jacket. Until now, if your GoPro somehow became detached from your surfboard, kayak, water skis, etc., you could expect it to sink. But with this $14.99 add-on your camera will float — a simple but much needed upgrade!

GoPro’s Floaty Backdoor

The backdoor accessory sticks onto the back of the GoPro case with a strong 3M adhesive. It is blaze orange and made easy to spot in the water. One word of caution, GoPro says the Floaty “will not support the weight of the suction cup mount,” and that the suction cups — one of many available mounts from the company, and one surfers sometimes use — is not recommended for high-impact water sports.

3M adhesive is used to stick the foam flotation on GoPro case back

The GoPro Floaty Backdoor is available now. For the $15, you get the foam floaty and an extra back door for the case housing. No word from the company on airbags, camera parachutes, or avalanche-float bags for other “high-impact” sports where the cameras are regularly employed. T.C. Worley

Floaty Backdoor in use