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GoPro HEROCast 3

Today, the ubiquitous POV camera company announced the HEROCast, a transmitter that, when paired with a GoPro camera, allows live broadcast of GoPro footage.

The new transmitter with a $7,500 price tag is aimed at professional broadcasters. Developed in partnership with Vislink, it has already been used by ESPN in the 2015 X Games Aspen and the NHL in the 2015 Honda All Star Weekend for never-before-seen POVs from competitors and players.

HEROCast 2

The HEROCast transmits high definition 1080/60fps and 720/60fps video in real time using H.264 encoding with low “glass to glass latency,” meaning there is little delay between the camera lens and TV screen.

It is available as an independent unit that can be connected to a GoPro camera via a lockable HDMI cable. HEROCast BacPac directly connects to housing of a GoPro camera, delivering an integrated, water-resistant solution. Both configurations are compatible with HERO4 and HERO3+ Black cameras, carry up to an estimated 40 minutes of battery life and can be powered externally for extended use.

HEROCast    $7,500 MSRP

  •       Optimized for body mounting and POV shots
  •       Separate units for versatile mounting and easy accessibility
  •       Easily attached to GoPro mounts including Chesty
  •       Connects via HDMI cable

HEROCast BacPac    $7,500 MSRP

  •       All-in-one solution for live-action footage
  •       Camera, transmitter, housing, and BacPac in one unit
  •       Mounts to walls, cars, and other larger surfaces
  •       Water resistant

GoPro claims the HEROCast and HEROCast BacPac are the lightest and smallest HD wireless transmitters on the market. And while the cost of this product puts it out of reach for most consumers, the implications for live television and webcasts are significant, allowing even more exciting footage from our favorite live events soon.

Sean McCoy

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