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First Look: The Lyfx App Lets You Adventure With The Locals

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Lyfx is a unique digital platform designed by outdoor enthusiasts with the goal of getting everyday travelers to spend more time outside. Think Airbnb for outdoor adventure travel. The app recently launched for both iOS and Android.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” This question heralds Lyfx’s ideology. It’s is a shared platform for both local adventure experts and curious travelers looking to try something new.

Lyfx encourages experienced outdoor enthusiasts to submit applications through the app. Those approved can register handmade adventures, set their own prices, and make their profiles public.

Anyone can register as a traveler and search for local experts offering adventures in their chosen area. The app currently caters to users in Colorado, California, and Utah — but there are plans for global expansion. It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

The Lyfx App: How It Works

I’ve been testing the Lyfx app over the past couple weeks from the perspectives of both a traveler and a local. It’s easy to use and the interface is smooth, with speedy load times and eye-catching graphics.

Once downloaded, register as either a traveler or a local expert. To register as a local expert, you have to fill out an application outlining your qualifications for review. Expect to hear back from Lyfx via email in a few days’ time.

As a traveler, you can immediately set up a public profile and connect your bank account or another payment method. Search for an adventure by either location or category.

Currently, the app offers adventures in the camping, cycling, trail running, hiking, and kayaking categories. Lyfx intends to expand its offerings to include surfing, climbing, backpacking, and other activities. However, the qualification process for these activities will be more stringent.

Once you find an adventure that suits your needs, you can select it and check the expert’s availability on an integrated calendar. Next, book the adventure and pay to confirm. You can connect with the local ahead of time to ask any questions you might have, hash out details, and arrange a meeting place and time.

What makes this app so functional? It’s a user-based interface, so you can review the local and the adventure when you’re finished. Feedback is an invaluable part of the application. Positive feedback will encourage more users to select a certain local or adventure while negative feedback will warn them to steer clear.

Why the Lyfx App?

Lyfx gives travelers the opportunity to wander off the beaten path with experienced locals as opposed to choosing large commercial operations. At the same time, the app allows local experts to earn an income doing what they’re passionate about.

The benefits of choosing a local expert? Knowledge is power. For example, a local hiker could lead you to a hidden waterfall, or an area surfer might show you a perfect point break still unknown to the masses.

The app is in its early phase, and there is still work to do. While there are plenty of digital platforms that provide users access to the outdoors, Lyfx offers a more personal experience by helping bridge the gap between travelers and local communities.

Life Won’t Wait

Founder Pedro McCardell rode his motorcycle from Brazil to Silicon Valley to secure funding for the application, solidifying the company’s roots. “Lyfx is unique because it’s built from adventurous people, for adventurous people,” McCardell explained to GearJunkie.

“The hard part of the process is being taken care of — presenting users with the best guides and outdoor enthusiasts in the area — leaving travelers to go out and enjoy their adventure.”

The Lyfx app fills a unique niche in the outdoor industry. And with hundreds of registered users thus far, it’s certain to generate some buzz. Check it out in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

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