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Electronic Recovery: A Shocking Option For Outdoors Athletes

[leadin]Using electrodes to stimulate muscles helps them recover. That is the theory behind the Marc Pro Plus, which writer and athlete Chelsey Magness put to the test for the past five months.[/leadin]

marc pro plus

As a professional adventure racer and teacher of acrobatics, I need to keep my body in the best possible shape.

I am always looking for ways to recover faster and feel my best. When the Marc Pro Plus came out, I was skeptical, but after hearing it helped fellow athletes, I gave it a shot.

What is it? 

The Marc Pro Plus is a small device (about the size of a book). It comes with six packages of electrodes, two lead wires, and a manual to illustrate placement options for both recovery and injury. It uses electrical current to stimulate muscle contractions.

Marc Pro (left) and Pro Plus units

MARC stands for Muscle Activated Recovery Cascade. In other words, it is a lot like a recovery run or ride except you are not tempted to over-train like so many of us do. The electrodes stimulate the targeted muscles, creating a pulsing sensation.

This action pumps out waste and brings in fresh blood to facilitate a faster recovery. It also can be used for pain management associated with over-use and sore muscles.

Is It A Tens Unit? 

In all of the literature on the Marc, it is very clear to say that it is not a tens unit. A tens unit claims to mask pain and build muscle, while the Marc Pro focuses more on accelerating the recovery and conditioning process by clearing waste and getting more blood and oxygen to the fatiguing muscles.

Marc Pro Plus Review

I have been testing the Marc Pro for five months, using it a minimum of three times a week. While the benefits were not immediate, I definitely noticed a difference in the first month.

Marc Pro Plus 2

I noticed it the most after long travel days. Sitting on a plane or in a car for hours at a time makes my legs and back feel heavy. It usually takes me a full day of walking around and going upside down to get the blood and lymph to cycle through.

However, after a 30-hour travel stint, I had no swelling or “lead” feeling in my legs. Most recently, I have been using it in between workouts on my double days. For example, I will go skiing in the morning then come home and use it on my legs or arms for 30 min; in the afternoon I will go and do a pack run interval or bike ride.

I feel like I have way more “go juice” when I use the electrical unit.

Who Should Use It? 

This device is for those who want to maximize training results by improving and speeding up the recovery process. It is a big investment, coming in at $950 for the Marc Pro Plus and $650 for the Marc Pro.

Marc Pro Plus kit

However, if you are a professional athlete or someone who is highly invested in your training then it may be worth the cost. The company does offer a free 30-day trail period so you can see if you are ready to commit to this “shocking” new way to stay at the top of your game.

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