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Firm Grip: Metal Camera Mounts for GoPro

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Barreling down a trail, hucking off a kicker, or setting up for a big set of doubles is no time to realize that your GoPro camera mount isn’t holding firm. I’ve been there, and it stinks. Moving mounts and the potential resulting missed footage is what K-Edge, a Boise, Idaho, company hopes to avoid. The brand, better known for its lightweight bicycle racing accessories, designed the GO BIG Mount line specially for GoPro cameras. They are made of a solid aluminum and fasten with hex head bolts, not plastic nobs.

Locked down and ready, the GO BIG K13-420 handlebar mount

I tested the GO BIG under-seat and handlebar mounts (the K13-430 and K13-420 models, respectively) during two days of riding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this fall. At the end of the rough ride, the mounts were in the exact spot I had put them in the beginning — no creeping or sliding of the camera position.

Unlike the plastic-nob-equipped GoPro mounts, you’ll need a bike tool or at least a 3mm hex head wrench to attach the GO BIG Mounts to the camera and your bike. Just make sure you have 31.8mm bars; the K13-420 bar mount doesn’t work with older skinny handlebars (rubber shims might work in that case).

Bolt on: K-Edge mounts use hex-head bolts to attach to camera body

If you or someone you know regularly films with a GoPro, these mounts should be on your shopping list. You won’t find them in your local bike shop just yet, but Amazon can get them to you in time for Christmas. Prices range from $20 to $60 depending on the mount.

A lifetime warranty makes them a good buy, too. Crash, burn and break the mount and K-Edge will send a replacement. “But we’d love to see the video,” says co-founder Eric Jensen.

T.C. Worley is a professional photographer and a diehard cyclist based in Minnesota.

For a glimpse at the past, the GO BIG under-seat camera mount

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