Sonos on Sale: Get Great Speakers for Your Home Office

Sonos has a reputation as one of the best home-stereo systems for connected, multi-room listening. And you can score a deal on its most popular products now.

Sonos One SL sale

A lot of folks are working from home right now. And if you’re listening to music out of your computer’s diminutive internal speakers, well, it just might be time to upgrade.

Sonos makes some really nice connected speakers for home use (and even a portable model to haul outside). It’s a pretty simple system based on Wi-Fi connectivity and an app on your phone that acts like a hub.

Interested? Check out the deal going on now and see below for some top picks.

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Get the Best Deals on Sonos Speakers

Save $50 on three of Sonos’ most popular models. The One ($149 on sale) and One SL ($129 on sale) are small but powerful speakers that can pair together for stereo sound.

Or you can place multiple One models in multiple rooms for selectable, multi-room sound. The One SL is the simpler of the two models and doesn’t have voice activation or Alexa integration. The One does have voice activation and Alexa. It costs $20 more than the SL.

The Sonos Beam is also $50 off right now ($349 on sale). This larger soundbar works well as a television audio system.

Sonos Beam

So if you’re looking to upgrade your home audio, right now is a good time to score some base products from Sonos. The brand has several other products to upgrade your system now or down the road. And the beauty is it’s all wireless, so you can mix and match as you please.

Shop the entire Sonos sale

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