These Spooky Trail Cam Photos Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Happy October! In celebration of this spookiest of months, we’ve compiled some of the freakiest trail camera photos of ghosts, wild children and UFO’s on the internet. Boo!

The orphan that was adopted by deer?
Is this another orphan with deer? Or maybe just a ghost?
The old lady of the forest

What’s a trail cam? Hunters, biologists and others place these remote cameras on game trails to see what walks by when nobody’s around. Triggered by motion, they capture whatever’s in front of them.

Chupacarbra! Or the some horned devil monster
Aliens prowl at night
Look closely
A young Bigfoot perhaps?

Sure, some of these are probably fabrications or Photoshopped. But they still give us the creeps. The video below, shot on a Cabela’s video trail cam, is good for a shiver and seems darned real.

That’s one way to deal with the paparazzi!
He haunts the backyard
Ghouls like to party too
Things that go “bump”
Legend has it this is a 17 year old girl murdered on her wedding day
This deer and ufo image was examined by NBC, but the shooter isn’t convinced

Sean McCoy

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