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Best Sport Earbuds on Market? Silicone Tips ‘Lock’ into Ear

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A couple years back we wrote about Yurbuds, which at the time were new exercise-oriented earbuds made with silicone tips that “lock” in place in an ear.

The basic Yurbuds design has remained the same. Now, after using them extensively, I can say they are a quality product, and they get the job done — no matter how hard I run or how much I sweat the earbuds don’t fall out.

(See oversize images (close-ups) of Yurbuds on page 2 of this post.)

The company has grown since our first review and it now offers multiple models with varying designs and aesthetics. Prices start at about $29 for the basic Yurbuds kit.

Inspire Limited Edition earbuds

I tested the brand’s top-end Inspire Limited Edition model this month. They cost a cool $100 but offer a luxury experience for exercising with music in the ears, if there is such a thing.

Like all Yurbuds, the Inspire have grippy “medical-grade” silicone inserts that mold to the shape of your ear. They are comfortable for an hour or more on a run.

Silicone tips stick comfortably in the ear

The brand ships several replaceable tips with its Inspire kit. There are four sizes to fit different ear types as well as one called an “ambient aware” tip. You can hear music but also still some ambient noise for safety or communication as you exercise outside.

Regular earphone cords often tangle, especially when working out. I love the Inspire’s cloth-like cords. They feel like a thin drawstring on a hooded sweatshirt, lying flat on the body and rarely snagging as you move.

Another nice add-on: A tiny microphone on the cord with volume control lets you take a phone call with the earbuds in.

Finally, the Inspire’s tiny speakers pump out great sound — for earbud-type speakers the music is solid.

If you want the premium experience — and you need the phone/mic feature — the Inspire model might be worth the money. Otherwise, look to Yurbuds’ line for another model that could be a better fit for your ears and your budget.

—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of www.GearJunkie.com.


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